The Mike Church Show Episode 356: The Mystery of Muricanism Demystified: It’s All A Massive De-Regulation

Written by on 05/09/2017


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Mandeville, LA – R.R. Reno has an excellent, post-French election essay at First Things that puts our descent down the Road to Perdition in proper context: it’s a never ending effort at de-centralizing. De-centralizing has afflicted every facet of ‘Murican life: politics, economics, family and most disastrously: religion. “Building a wall may be a silly policy proposal, but it’s a powerful image of national reconsolidation. This and other nationalist themes resonated with voters. That’s because they feel that the social and economic bases for national unity are dissolving. It’s an altogether sensible worry. The eroded middle class and loss of solidarity in our society are plain to see.” That word could become our touchstone word for the effort to throw the caboose car brake on this train: solidarity. Here’s some interesting points about solidarity and subsidiarity made by Pope Benedict XVI.

Today’s Guest Dr. Carrie Gress, Author of The Marian Option –  Dr. Gress makes her second appearance on the Mike Church Show on the eve of The Marian Option’s release. This Saturday marks the 100 year anniversary of the start of the Fatima apparitions that would continue until the Miracle of The Sun on 13 October. Dr. Gress’s message for a world reeling in sin ands chaos is both bold and simple“The Marian Option is, at its root, the message of Fatima. While the savvy, erudite, and proud might scoff at it, the underlying message of Fatima – and the solution to all of our civilizational ills – is very simple: Pray the Rosary.” Listen to Mike Church’s previous interview with Carrie Gress here.

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