The Mike Church Show Episode 406: SEAL Team [tran]Sex[six] vs Trump

Written by on 07/27/2017


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Mandeville, LA – The Brave New World Has Arrived – The monsters are coming the monsters are coming! Scientists in Portland Oregon have succeeded in actually altering the DNA composition of a human embryo using monster-making, God defying technology called CRISPR. This means that very soon, some apostates will open shop for “designer babies” free of freckles, height deficiencies, brown eyes and frequent ear infections. Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World turns out to be a work of prophecy and not fiction. The ethical implications here are staggering to begin with “life begins at conception” True believers will have their faith tested in diabolical ways we can only imagine right now. The “researchers” say this is an “improvement” but an improvement of what? God’s work in human pro-creation!? Se

SEAL Team [tran]Sex vs Trump – The NY Daily News is promoting a story detailing a “woman’s” opposition to President Trump’s ban on mentally deranged,  transgender dysphoria sufferers from the U.S. military. Kristin Beck, who was a member of SEAL Team 6 and now believes he has defied God and nature and become a woman, taunts the President with his MALE machismo saying “Let’s meet face to face and you tell me I’m not worthy.” So is the President supposed to be afraid of Beck as a “woman” (unlikely) or as a trained killer-male (likely)?

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