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The TRUTH Needs You! Volunteer To Work With The Veritas Radio Network

Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network, a subsidiary of BlackHat Studios, needs assistance from our audience in a volunteer capacity for the following positions. You can apply via email by clicking here.

SOCIAL MEDIA CO-ORDINATOR – Compose and post updates of CRUSADE Channel shows and events

VIDEO PRODUCTION – Design and compose video elements for the Church Doctrine daily and other Crusade Channel video features. Future employment possible.

NETWORK WEBSITE AFFILIATE MANAGER – Manage our in-house affiliate sales program that fans can use to earn commissions on the sale of VRN memberships.

BROADCASTING AFFILIATIONS ASSISTANT – Locate and solicit new broadcast venues for the Veritas Radio Network.

AFTERNOON DRIVE RADIO SHOW HOST – Some experience required. Our current air-staff is mostly a volunteer one with hopes that future success will lead to remuneration but there is no limit to funding possibilities for a willing host that FITS THE CRUSADE CHANNEL (emphasis mine-MC)

CRUSADE CHANNEL NEWS ANCHOR – A great opportunity for a retired radio or TV news person to volunteer their time in delivering the CRUSADE/True news of the day. Also a prime opportunity for the young looking to break into broadcasting and a chance to work with some very experienced pros.


  1. Brother Church,

    I may be able to assist with some video production at least on the editing side.
    For instance, if you sent me “raw footage” of Church Doctrine then I can slice and dice it up nice and clean as well as add photos and or footage of what you are discussing.


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