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The Veritas Radio Network FAQ Page

Veritas Radio Network Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will I be able to listen to The Mike Church Show daily if I am currently a Founders Pass Member?

– Yes.  Your Founders Pass Membership will allow full access to the LIVE daily broadcast of The Mike Church Show.  Your Founders Pass Membership will also allow you full access to all other radio segments on Veritas Radio Network.

  • How do I become a Founders Pass Member?

– Becoming a Founders Pass Member is easier than ever.  Click the link provided and choose any level of membership you would like.

  • Will I be able to download previously aired Mike Church Shows?

– Yes.  With our new Veritas Radio Network, you will be able to download all previously played Mike Church shows along with all other shows on the new network.  The entire Veritas Radio Network will have all shows available for download to be replayed at your convenience.

  • Will I be able to listen to The Mike Church Show in my car?

– The Veritas Radio Network will only be accessible through your computer or smartphone.  The Veritas Radio Network will NOT air on terrestrial radio airwaves.  If you want to hear Mike Church you will have to either download the app to your smartphone or logon to Veritas Radio Network via the web.

  • Will there be any video associated with the new Veritas Radio Network?

– Yes.  We have added 2 different cameras to the Mike Church studio for the sole purpose of recording Mike’s LIVE daily show.  You will be able to watch and listen to The Mike Church Show daily through our YouTube channel.

  • I am already a Founders Pass Member but would like to donate to the CrowdFunding for Veritas Radio.

– Donating to the all new Veritas Radio Network is simple.  This link will take you directly to the CrowdFunding page.  Here you can enter any amount you wish to donate.

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