Andrew Bieszad Interview – Islam Isn’t and Will Never Be A Religion Of Peace, That Still Doesn’t Excuse New Zealand

Written by on 03/19/2019

Special Guest Andrew Bieszad –

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Pursuing a PhD in the future for sure.

Islamic Theology

Lions of the Faith – Saints, Blesseds, and Heroes of the Catholic Faith in the Struggle with Islam.

  • Slavic swastica used by Pagans
  • The Black Sun – meant to be a literal sun disc.
  • I think there is a Masonic feel to this. I cannot prove it 100% but it strongly feels Masonic.
  • From what I am seeing there is like a Pagan/Muslim alliance against the Church.
  • This is just a really strong feeling I have on this.
  • Glorified people like Zeus.
  • Neo-paganism, it specifically involves the rejection of Christianity and Christ.
  • That is the main distinction b/w pagans today and pagans of the past.
  • The largest promoter of drugs in Iceland, an open pagan, tales on his website about Satanism.
  • He promotes this anti-Islam, he is tied to the NEW pagans.
  • The story from Iceland is part of the New Zealand piece you wrote correct?
  • QUESTION: What is the SIOE?
  • ANSWER: Stop Islamization of Europe
  • You can’t fight evil with evil…the saints of the Catholic past, they also went to northern Europe and fought the pagans.
  • Islam is the greatest heresy of all heresies.
  • Pagan Masons would absolutely make an allegiance.
  • Blew a mosque up then went on a rampage on a train.
  • Brevik – does this group actually exist or not?

HEADLINE: What did St. Pius X mean when he called Modernism “the synthesis of all heresies”? by Brother Andre Marie

  • Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism: A Translation from the French of the Abbe Barruel.
  • Theologically Islam is an absolute mess!
  • The fact is, b/c of this it makes the Muslim people great pawns int he hands of person that has NO morals.
  • They can easily become great foot soldiers for their “religion” at the hands of a very evil leader. All in the name of their FAITH.
  • Contraception and Abortion – people talk about well you are being invaded by this country through immigration, this doesn’t even include that immigration laws have been used in many Darwinist people.
  • These people then in turn will not have children!
  • The European people aren’t having kids. The Muslims in Europe are having 2 or more.
  • So who is at fault here with the reproduction rate?
  • Muslims –
  • “Unity in faith and diversity in culture”

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