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The Radio The Way It Should Be Company Presents: Norman Rockwell – Art The Way It Should Be  [huge_it_gallery id=”1″] Mandeville, LA – Norman Rockwell was born in New York City on February 3, 1894. Talented at a young age, he received his first commission at age 17. In 1916, he created the first of […]

“The Radio The Way It Should Be” Company Presents, Smelly Butler – War The Way It Should Be  [huge_it_gallery id=”1″] Smedley Darlington Butler[1] (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940) was a United States Marine Corps major general, the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. During […]

The “Radio The Way It Should Be” Company Presents: Mother Theresa – Charity The Way It Should Be  [huge_it_gallery id=”1″] Baptized on August 27, 1910, in Skopje, Macedonia, Mother Teresa taught in India for 17 years before she experienced her 1946 “call within a call” to devote herself to caring for the sick and poor. […]

Mandeville, LA –     Support the Veritas Radio Network and the CRUSADE Channel, Radio The Way It Should Be, and become a Founders Pass member. We have eliminated the middle man in broadcasting and instead bring the product direct to you for your consumption. Click to here to become a Founders Pass member and […]

Enjoy this FREE segment from the CRUSADE Channel’s Mike Church Show: Mike’s March 17, 2016 interview with Reagan biographer Craig Shirley on the death of Nancy Reagan. The Radio The Way It Should Be Company Presents: Ronald Reagan – America The Way It Should Be  Mandeville, LA – Born in Tampico, Illinois, on February 6, […]

The “Radio The Way It Should Be” Company Presents: St. Therese of Lisieux – Adolescence The Way It Should Be  [huge_it_gallery id=”1″] Mandeville, LA – St Therese of Lisieux (1873-1897) was a French Catholic who became a Carmelite nun at an early age. She died in obscurity at the age of 26, however, after her […]

The “Radio The Way It Should Be™” Company Presents: Steve Jobs – Computing The Way It Should Be. Mandeville, LA – Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California, on February 24, 1955, to two University of Wisconsin graduate students who gave him up for adoption. Smart but directionless, Jobs experimented with different pursuits before […]

The Radio The Way It Should Be™ Company Presents: Ron Paul – Congress The Way It Should Be! Mandeville, LA  – Leading libertarian politician Ron Paul started out in medicine. After graduating from Duke University’s medical school in 1961, Ron Paul soon went on to become a military doctor. He served with the U.S. Air […]

Mandeville, LA – Jeffrey Tucker joins Kurt Wallace to discuss how society, government regulations and politics have altered the job and career landscape in the US. He shares ways to get an edge in the marketplace with tips on job interviewing and entrepreneurship. Tucker explains why his techniques include hacking our own minds to become independent of market influences. […]

Mandeville, LA – Segment 1 – Do people even consider what it is they are electronically sending to other people anymore? Mike wonders if everyone in business these days receives the impatient, petulant, righteousness hurled his way because a download file doesn’t play or he commits the sin of forgetting to load a show the nanosecond […]

Mandeville, LA – Segment 1  Segment 2   [purchase_link id=”39319″ style=”text link” color=”” text=”Download”] [MM_Member_Decision membershipId=’2|3|4|5|7′] [powerpress_playlist category=”12″] [/MM_Member_Decision] [MM_Access_Decision access=’false’] You do not have access to this content until you you become a Founders Pass Member, Why not Join today!?[/MM_Access_Decision]

Mandeville, LA – Mark Kreslins reunites with The Forgotten Men in this exciting episode of the Mark Kreslins Show! Segment 2 – Has the transgender movement become the norm? Transgenders will be using a female bathroom near you. Segment 3 – The Forgotten Men talk about what allows the human race to flourish. [purchase_link id=”39316″ style=”text […]

Mandeville, LA – The ridiculous and embarrassing saga of witnessing ‘Muricans whether entertainers or big business or political, fall over themselves to accommodate the 42 year old male perverts who want to gain legal protection for their perversions by micturating in the bathrooms of little girls and attractive women, continues with ESPN firing all-star MLB […]

Mandeville, LA – Mike has been hammering the “democracy does not work so let’s try something different” theme for the last 2 months and today he delves into one prospective replacement: Christian monarchy, using the essay written by Gary Potter for Latin Mass Magazine (no digital version is available). There is also a hysterical impersonation […]

Mandeville, LA – Mark Kreslins talks about how the vast majority of “Olive Gardeninians” seems to be comfortable with the way things are going despite the undeniable moral disaster we live among to say nothing of the near complete corruption of the “national government”. Segment 2 – The “itch” is what drives the machine of […]

Mandeville, LA- Mark Kreslins talks about the results of the Primary in New York; will Donald Trump REALLY be that bad? Trump and Clinton dominate polls but will that even matter for Trump!? Segment 2 – Make plans to host a barbecue with your “conservative-constitutionalist” friends and have them listen to this podcast from Brion McClanahan […]

Mandeville, LA – True Money Show with David Simpson. This Episode is focused on the corrupt fractional lending, corrupt Federal “Reserve” banking system and what we can do to withdraw our consent and money from it. [purchase_link id=”39262″ style=”text link” color=”” text=”Download”] [MM_Member_Decision membershipId=’1|2|3|4|5|7′] [powerpress_playlist category=”417″] [MM_Access_Decision access=’false’] You do not have access to this content […]

Mandeville, LA – Segment 2 from today’s Mike Church Show includes Mike’s motivational monologue on restoring the virtue of good men who become great heroes. Segment 4 – our bi-weekly visit with the Daily Caller’s Jordan Bloom for “News that’s not fit for ‘posting “. [purchase_link id=”39260″ style=”text link” color=”” text=”Download”] [MM_Member_Decision membershipId=’2|3|4|5|7′] [powerpress_playlist category=”12″] […]

Mandeville, LA – Trumpzilla has so convincingly won the New York primary that the competition of Ineligible CruZombies and the hapless governor of Ohio John Kasich couldn’t earn a majority when their votes are added together. The looming primaries in California and Pennsylvania where Trumpzilla has large leads all but eliminate Cruz and Kasich yet the GOP […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Episode 21 – Part 2 – Experience the true life story of Harald who grew up as an East German Communist living during the time before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Hear first hand what it was like living in this kind of environment and about his dramatic escape. [purchase_link id=”39261″ style=”” […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA –  Reverse Deception Episode 21 with Greg Carpenter. Ever wonder how terrorists can play the stock market, make $20 million a month and your broker can’t return pennies on a dollar? This week Greg Carpenter’s “Reverse Deception” investigates monetary corruption and the fastest way to hack a bank. [php snippet=5] [purchase_link id=”39236″ […]

Mandeville, LA – Mark pledges that regardless of the outcome of the NY Primary he is NOT returning to talking policy. “We don’t talk policy on this show because there is no legitimate gubbmint implementing policy. It is time to push back against this corrupt dis-establishment and think outside the box, that’s what we do […]

Mandeville, LA – [Editor’s Note: The presentation of the daily Mike Church Show has now been consolidated into two, 90 minute long segments per broadcast day. Founders Pass members who are logged in will notice there is a built in playlist that appears on each day’s posts that has an accompanying RSS feed and is updated chronologically […]

Buzz Aldrin – Courage The Way It Should Be  Buzz Aldrin was born on January 20, 1930, in Montclair, New Jersey. His father, a colonel in the U.S. Air Force, encouraged his interest in flight. Aldrin became a fighter pilot and flew in the Korean War. In 1963, he was selected by NASA to for […]

Mandeville, LA – Mandeville, LA – This segment Mike channels the American Conservative’s Rod Dreher to help you understand what is wrong the new generation of  ‘Murican adults. Mike concludes his review of this new survey on the Millennial generation’s atheism & vulgar rejection of all Tradition especially the Ecclesiastic ones with a rhetorical flourish. “What does a […]

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church is joined by Chris Ferrara as they look into the real reasons why Islam is and has been at war with all non-believers. When will former Christendom wake up and combat the EU led, infiltration of Europe by Islam?  Why does Pope Francis call them Muslim refugees not Invaders? It took 819 years and hundreds […]

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church and Andrew Bieszad a professional on Islamic Studies from Hartford Seminary help you understand why Islamic radical Muslims continue to rage Jihad against non Muslims. [codepeople-html5-media-player id=3]

Mandeville, LA – In this episode of the Mike Church Show: Mike interviews Bradley Birzer where they solve the worlds problems with the Imaginative Conservative Mind of Russell Kirk.    

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church along with David Simpson of  The True Money Show go into detail on the “Bathroom Bill” backed by two Teachers Unions in Massachusetts that eliminate gender assignments for bathrooms-ALL public bathrooms including those used in public schools. Also, how this will become the new norm in our society.

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church explains how The Romans attempted to rid themselves of Cæsar and [r]estrore their former [r]epublic on the Ides of March, 44 BC. Also, why American Government has failed and what can be done about it.

Louis Pasteur- Science The Way It Should Be  Born on December 27, 1822, in Dole, France, Louis Pasteur discovered that microbes were responsible for souring alcohol and came up with the process of pasteurization, where bacteria is destroyed by heating beverages and then allowing them to cool. His work in germ theory also led him […]

The “Radio The Way It Should Be” Company Presents: The Three Stooges – Comedy The Way It Should Be [huge_it_gallery id=”1″] Mandeville, LA – Moe Howard was born on June 19, 1897 in Brooklyn. One of five sons born to a Levite and Lithuanian Jewish family, Moe Howard dropped out of high school, and joined […]

The Radio The Way It Should BE Company Presents: G.K. Chesterton – Writing The Way It Should Be  Mandeville, LA – Gilbert Keith Chesterton was quite possibly the greatest, most prolific writer of the 20th Century. He penned hundreds of poems, books, short stories; thousands of essays and columns; as well as a dozen plays […]

  Vince Lombardi-Winning The Way It Should Be  Vince Lombardi was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1913. As head coach and general manager of the Green Bay Packers, Lombardi led the team to three NFL championships and to victories in Super Bowls I and II (1967 and 1968). Because of his success, he became […]

Patrick J. Buchanan – Republican The Way It Should Be  Mandeville, LA  – The Veritas Radio Network announces the release of our latest “Radio The Way It Should Be” meme campaign: Patrick J Buchanan, Republican The Way It Should Be. From 1966 through 1974, Mr. Buchanan was an assistant to Richard Nixon, and from 1985 […]

Burns & Allen – Marriage The Way It Should Be  George Burns met Gracie Allen in 1922, and they married in 1926. Their highly successful vaudeville act featured George as the straight man to Gracie’s zany antics. The couple created its best-known sketch for radio, a situation comedy starring themselves as a working show-business couple. […]

The “Radio The Way It Should Be” Company Presents: Pope St. Pius X – Faith The Way It Should Be  [huge_it_gallery id=”1″] Mandeville, LA – Pope Saint Pius X(2 June 1835 – 20 August 1914), born Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto, was the 257th Pope of the Catholic Church, serving from 1903 to 1914, succeeding Pope Leo […]

The “Radio The Way It Should Be” Company Presents: Tom Landry – Coaching The Way It Should Be  [huge_it_gallery id=”1″] Mandeville, LA – Tom Landry was born on September 11, 1924, in Mission, Texas. From 1950 to 1955, he played pro football for the New York Giants. In 1960, he was appointed head coach of […]

Mandeville, LA – David speaks with special guest G. Edward Griffin, author of “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” who reveals the truth about the diabolical origins of the Federal Reserve which isn’t “federal” and isn’t Constitutionally legal either. Enjoy this episode in full, for FREE! Broadcasting and archiving quality audio with magnificent guests like G. Edward Griffin […]

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