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Mandeville, LA – We receive dozens of the above question from new members, here is a typical response, we hope this solves the question for many.   Dear Founders Pass Member, There are tut0rial videos and FAQ articles on this subject on the site because we have addressed them hundreds and hundreds of times but I […]

Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network is delighted to announce that our listening options have expanded yet again! Thanks to our network partners at Talk Stream Live! Mike Church Show fans can now listen to the Mike Church Show 24/7 On-Demand via any telephone line and use 0.0 of their broadband data. Got that?! Put […]

The Radio The Way It Should Be Company Presents “Declaration The Way It Should Be”  with Thomas Jefferson circa 1776 Mandeville, LA – The latest in our “The Way It Should Be Series” features an intimate portrait of Thomas Jefferson happily working on the Declaration of Independence as portrayed in the Mike Church-Founding Father Films […]

Mandeville, LA – On Monday, 04 July, 2016, The Veritas Radio Network will air our 1st Annual Independence Day-Road To Independence Marathon! You will get to enjoy Mike Church’s feature movies The Road To Independence and Pages of Independence all day long, in stereo, for FREE! The 4th of July Broadcast Schedule: July 4th 12:01 […]

OUR MISSION STATEMENT   “Restoring the order by advancing eternal, transcendent, truth Always in All Ways.” The Veritas Radio Network Read More

Mandeville, LA – If you missed our special afternoon drive edition of the Mike Church Show’s commemoration of The Life and Times of St John Fisher whose feast day is today (June 22nd) you missed a full blown audio and video bio pic of the revered and reverent Saint/martyr for The Faith. Our Founders Pass […]

Mandeville, LA – Please send an email to to get your station/site or app listed below. TuneIn App Shoutcast Internet Radio dot com

Mandeville, LA –  To embed the Veritas Radio Network Stream onto a page on your website and become a Radio Station/Site affiliate that carries our stream, do one of the following. For WordPress sites, simply Copy the Text Below and then direct the link for that text here:; Click Here To Listen to The […]

Mandeville, LA – Here’s your handy guide for getting in touch with our LIVE talk-show hosts during their programs. CONNECT WITH THE MIKE CHURCH SHOW CONNECT WITH THE MARK KRESLINS SHOW CONNECT WITH THE TRUE MONEY SHOW CALL THE MARK KRESLINS SHOW Just call 1-844-5CRUSADE (1-844–527–8723) any weekday between the hours of: 4AM – 6AM Pacific […]

Mandeville, LA – Use this page to start the LIVE radio stream from the Veritas Radio Network, in Stereo, 24/7/365. The stream is being relayed via our Shoutcast Service and is presented in the highest quality possible. 2. Use this page to obtain the linking code to the Veritas Radio Network’s Shoutcast Stream and pull […]


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