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Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

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  • Month of May is for Mary!
  • Our Lord took human form.
  • Our Lady is ONLY human so human nature is exhausted too!
  • Mary is what we are supposed to be!
  • The union of two natures in one person. He isn’t like Hercules or anything.
  • Antonio Gramsci – spent much of his career in prison. He didn’t waste his time he wrote tons of books while in prison.
  • All men with their nature, if they didn’t have a set of rules they would all run around trying to kill each other.
  • Social Contract Theory – it was certainly revolutionary and paved the way for Communism.
  • The point is that there is an opportunity for everyone.
  • An equitable distribution.
  • Distributism – is the name given to a socio-economic and political creed originally associated with G.K. Chesterton

AUDIO/VIDEO: A Gentleman’s Debate: Distributism vs. Free-Markets (Joseph Pearce & Jay Richards – Acton Institute)

  • Workers around the world turned this into the Day of the Worker.
  • All throughout the Communist years the workers celebrated this day.
  • A Socialist ‘Feast’ day you might say.
  • The Red Menace which was a genuine threat, the Pope thought he had to deal with.
  • Errors on economics that were being spread. So the workers would be educated about their general rights.
  • He wanted a movement toward Catechizing the worker.
  • Brother Andre Marie reads a Hymn for the Feast of St. Joseph the worker – a Christian order in society and in the home.

HEADLINE: Modernists Were Wrong Feature Presentation Part 1 by Mike Church and Brother Andre Marie

  • Socialism is defined as a political order in which private property doesn’t exist.
  • Tonights ReConquest – An interview w/ Scott Smith he is from Louisiana. He is a lawyer but he describes himself as a Catholic Nerd. JRR Tolkien book called Lord of the Ring and the Eucharist.
  • ReConquest Episode:  Tolkien’s Catholic Mythology

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