C.J. Doyle Interview – Who Needs All These Gay Parades? Not St. Patrick That’s For Sure

Written by on 03/19/2019

Special Guest C.J. Doyle

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Leaving Boston Slaves of the Immaculate Heart from NJ : This song is based on the old Irish song – The Leaving of Liverpool

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  • They used to have a float in the parade in Boston. They had to withdraw b/c of the LGBTQ showcased in the parade. They simply couldn’t stand for it.
  • They had no interest in the culture of St. Patrick and what the parade stood for. It showed a complete lack of respect for the Catholic faith and Catholics.
  • Boston media urging a boycott of the parade.
  • These Irish Catholic politicians leaned on these journalist.
  • The Archdiocese said they had “no comment”.
  • THAT is the support the Catholic church gave.
  • 2015 the homosexuals have been marching in this parade.
  • Why do they want to march in a parade that celebrates a Catholic Saint when they despise everything associated with the Catholic Church.
  • We get nothing but silence from the Catholic Church.
  • 2 guys holding a banner and 4 guys behind them. Phony contrived organization formed to force entry to a parade that highlights a Catholic Saint.
  • There were more sisters signing the Leaving Boston song than in that LGBTQ group.
  • QUESTION: Do the crowds still come out for this?
  • ANSWER: YES, b/c there is no controversy anymore. The media speaks about inclusion and diversity now so people attend in the thousands. People shy away from controversy which is why it used to be under attended.

HEADLINE: St. Patrick’s Day: Religious Holy Day or Ethnic Holiday? by John P. McCarthy

  • We have secular carnival with a Catholic theme.
  • Totalitarian aspect of LGBTQ.
  • The parade is now run by a homosexual outfit.
  • Amazon is now the prime promoter of this parade.
  • Catholic Italians and Catholics – St. Patrick’s Day parade here in New Orleans.
  • Book : Faithful Departed by Phil Lawler

HEADLINE: Review of The Faithful Departed: The Collapse of Boston’s Catholic Culture by Philip Lawler by Brian Kelly

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