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[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Manassas, VA – UN-Real demands from the UN make for a very concerning review of regulations coming your way through the guise of equality and sustainable development for all. Also, the NIH lifts a ban on the creation of human / animal hybrids: chimera. [php snippet=5]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – David Simpson talks about how Government gets its money. [php snippet=10]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – [php snippet=10]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Manassas, VA –This week, Junkbond (one word) covers the encroaching UN-Sustainable Development third Goal inside Agenda 2030. Popcorn on demand. [php snippet=5]

The True Money Show [MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – [php snippet=10]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – How You Downloaded My Movies on YouBoob And Ruined My Life – Rod Dreher wants you to know that YouBoob is your friend and it wants to help you protect the music and movies you worked so hard to write produce and direct. What’s that? You DIDN’T write any movies? Well, I’m sure […]

Mandeville, LA – What Did Ronald Reagan Know About Fatima That All The Fake Reagan Wannabe’s Don’t? – On today’s Fatima Extravaganza show featuring my “Murderer’s Row of Marian Heretic Slayers”, Brother André Marie, Chris Ferrara and Michael Hitchborn of The Lepanto Institute, we learned that in 1985, Ronald Reagan learned of Fatima Portugal’s importance to the […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Manassas, VA –The first two Sustainable Development Goals and their associated targets of the United Nations Agenda 2030 is explained. [php snippet=5]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – Ronaldus Magnus Went Carmelite on Fatima – This fascinating article covers a 1987 trip that President Reagan made to the Vatican to meet with Saint Pope John Paul II. Before during abd after the meeting Reagan learned of, asked questions about and talked about our Lady of Fatima and the implications […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – R.R. Reno has an excellent, post-French election essay at First Things that puts our descent down the Road to Perdition in proper context: it’s a never ending effort at de-centralizing. De-centralizing has afflicted every facet of ‘Murican life: politics, economics, family and most disastrously: religion. “Building a wall may be a silly policy […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Manassas, VA – How advertisers & marketing people deceive you so you buy unneeded products, also the human genome and how men and women express their genes differently and uniquely. [php snippet=5]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – If you have been wondering what is in the new Republican “ObamaCare repeal and replace” read this piece by Pete Suderman. You might also wonder why “conservatives” went all Nancy Pelosi ala “we’ll have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”, apparently, legislative imbecility is bi-partisan: “Republicans have […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – [MM_Member_Decision membershipId=‘1|2|3|4|5|7′][powerpress_playlist category=”12″][/MM_Member_Decision] [MM_Access_Decision access=’false’]You do not have access to this content until you you become a Founders Pass Member, Why not Join today!?[/MM_Access_Decision] [php snippet=4]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – I often use the term in this space “will you go LGBTQ or will you go Carmelite” meaning will you stand for the unbending moral teaching of the Church when it comes to morals and sexuality or will you become an apostate and accept Beazelbub’s evolving view and join the […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – Our Kids Are Porn Addicts=Truth, Conformity of The Mind To Reality – Anyone who denies the near ubiquitous use of American pornography and yes, that includes among children, is not dealing with reality. We know this because the people that ply this diabolical, soul crushing craft tell us so. Conor Freidersdorf at the […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA –Butchered Baby Score: GOP – 0.0, Planned Parenthood $$286.479 Million – Our “conservative” heroes in Congress, fresh from their “budget victory” that keeps the sewage factory known as Mordor on The Potomac River in business ’til October of this year didn’t mention in their media appearances that they utterly failed to […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Manassas, LA – William Jennings Bryant, Free Silver, NSA changing direction? & baseball bats as gifts to women on their wedding day. [php snippet=5]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – The Red Dawn of “May Day” Was Upstaged By St Joseph The Worker – Those who think that socialism and communism in ‘Muricah are recent developments brought about by “liberals” should learn the history behind today’s “May Day” protests which begin by ‘Murican socialists in 1886. The feast of St Joseph the […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – If The “Global Elite”Fail What Will Replace Them? See Libya, Iraq and Egypt – Damon Linker thinks the Global Elite cabal is about to have their palace’s stormed by the hoi polloi they have jilted these past 200 years of enlightenment. He may be correct that the peasants are restless but consider the […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – Cheetos, Nehi Soda And Plan B Abortion Pills, What Every Great Vending Machine Should Have! – I remember Michelle Obama’s war against High School vending machines that vended things like sodas and Cheeto snacks, deadly foods that were “poisoning our kids”…begone and let there be arugula and apple slices! Now comes University […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – Calvin Klein’s Porn-Op Strikes Again – Last night I suffered through a Calvin Klein “nothing or all” TV ad & noted that “nothing” is now more than “Calvin Klein” and that CBS is nothing but obscene. Airing this trash is an indictment of the complete loss of business ethics in Mainstream Media. […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Manassas, VA – Are these United States entering Third World Nation status? This week Junkbond covers the political, social and economic indicators which provide evidence of a major shift in this Union – and it aint good! [php snippet=5]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL – Debbie Schlussel, who has been my movie-reviewer since 2007 is embroiled in a controversy over comments she made about Fox News star Sean Hannity, on 1170 am in Detroit. The comments have been turned into “sexual harassment” charges which is not what the transcript reveals. […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – Why “The Right Fails”: It Chooses Bread & Circuses Over Intellect Every Time – I have friends and family members who swoon over Tomi Lahren and others over Milo Yiannapoulas for their “telling it like it is” and over how “awesome” they “take it to the man” and the like and this […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – Another Friday In Paris, Another Act of Muslim Orthodoxy…Oh Look, Squirrel! – For the 6th time in 3 yearsthe capitol of France, Paris, has been savagely attacked by Orthodox Muslims resulting in murder and mayhem but don’t worry citizen, it’s a religion of peace of charity, blah blah blah. The SUN covered the rampaging […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – The Problem With O’Reilley’s Reign Isn’t Money It’s The Death Of Ethics – The “RSTLNE” answer to why Fox News finally decided that Bill O’Reilley had to go is that his upkeep became too expensive i.e. Fox was no longer making money from him. The boilerplate media reaction to Fox axing […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – Easter Reminder: The Gates Of Hell Have Not Prevailed-AGAIN – Joseph Pearce shows you why he is a regular contributor to this site and the Mike Church Show in “The Son Has Risen In The West”. Pearce reminds us that by the very fact that another Easter has come and gone is God’s […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Manassas, VA – Adam Roosevelt running for delegate in VA, Steve Bongardt, retired FBI SSA and former chief of the BAU in Quantico as well as dopamine, to help the mind cope. [php snippet=5]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – New Poll: We LOVE War Because We’re A War-Like People – A fresh out today, CBS poll shows that a whopping 57% of ‘Muricans approve of lobbing Tomahawk missiles into sovereign countries we are not at war with. But wait, that’s not the real news. A near unity of Republicans, 84%, say USA! […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – Holy Week Blunt Truth: If “The West” Dies, Christendom Does Not Follow Her To The Grave – Leave it to Joseph Pearce to kick off Holy Week with the Truth on our perpetual moaning about the “death of The West” and the human armageddon it will instigate. When viewed with eyes not drunk on […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Manassas, VA – Who is hacking who? Stroll down to Hackadilly Circus and lets check into the Russian claims of US hacking and the US response. Is the US at fault or is it just a mutual misunderstanding? [php snippet=5]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – The Illogic of Chanting USA! USA! After The Raytheon Corporation’s Stock Price Is Boosted – The reliably rational Mollie Hemingway has lost her rationality, mere weeks after marinating in the jingoistic sludge that is Fox News. Hemingway’s case for ‘Murican exceptionalism and bombing Syria back to the stone-ages is so logically […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED: The Era Of Nation Bombing Has Begun – In launching his macho-man airstrike against Russian targets in Syria, President Trump has completed the comedic circle that began with his escalation of rhetoric against Syria’s Assad as if the leaders of foreign states must act as though they are the ‘Murican President’s political appointees. […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED? The Peril of Christians Who Went Trump – Alan Jacobs has a provocative essay out that asks a question that can be directed at me: was my pragmatism in voting for Trump because he might bring Roe to an end, a mistake? Jacob’s point is that I should have instead found Trump’s character […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – DeceptiCONNED: Trump Allows WarHawks To Help Al Queada Destroy Yemen – When candidate Trump said “the era of nation-building is over” I never took him to mean that “the era of nation destruction has begun” but that is exactly what is happening. Trump’s “war, war, war” hacks are making deals with […]

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church Interviews Iben Thranholm the Crusade Channels European correspondent.

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church interviews Michael Voris of the Church Militant.

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – Where Are The Hand-Heart, Je Suis Russia Sympathizers!? – The fake charity of The West has been revealed by the near total lack of sympathy for the 14 Russians killed on the Metro Train by a Muslim terrorist yesterday. Apparently, ‘Muricans, Londoners, French and Germans only stand in solidarity with homosexuals, perverts, pornographers. Recall the […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – David Simpson talks about Misanthropic People on the Mike Church Show. Also featuring Debbie with weekly movie reviews AND Check ins from Hogs for the Cause with Mike and Greg. [MM_Member_Decision membershipId=‘1|2|3|4|5|7′][powerpress_playlist category=”12″][/MM_Member_Decision] [MM_Access_Decision access=’false’]You do not have access to this content until you you become a Founders Pass Member, […]

Mandeville, LA. Mike Church Interviews Dr. Carrie Gress. Author of “The Marian Option” a work about the Bless Virgin Mother Mary

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – Mike talks about the Centers for Medical Progress being charged in the Planned Parenthood undercover video operation.  Mike Church interviews Dr. Carrie Gress on her book “The Marian Option”  [MM_Member_Decision membershipId=‘1|2|3|4|5|7′][powerpress_playlist category=”12″][/MM_Member_Decision] [MM_Access_Decision access=’false’]You do not have access to this content until you you become a Founders Pass Member, Why not […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – It Had To Happen: Will You Go Gay Snickers™ Or Will You Go (starving) Snickers™? – If you wished to end the population of despised humans and you were Lucifer, what might you do outside the obvious: empowering madmen to nuke entire continents; unleash biological plagues to bring The Walking Dead […]

Mandeville, LA: Mike Church Interviews Chris Ferrara, on the issues America faces morally and spiritually. How Contraception is destroying what was a very Christian society.

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – Don’t Stop, Repealin‘ – I have been reading the plain text of the XXIst Amendment, on-air, nearly every single day since talk of “repeal and replace” (of ObamaCare) began this February. In each instance I read the plain text of the XXI Amendment, it’s beautiful simplicity and then altered the […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Manassas, VA – There is no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as Free Energy, yes, Tesla was a genius and he was right (again). [php snippet=5]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – We Kill Because We Can And Trump Continues The Ghastly Practice – We should have known something wicked this way was coming that when President Trump pegged a man nicknamed “Mad dog” to be his Secretary of Defense. For two years, this space has documented the horrific war-crimes being committed against […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – No London, You’re NOT Going To Go Back To Tea With The Muslims – Kate Hopkins may be the only public personality in all of the UK that has the looming Jihad sussed. In her op-ed yesterday in the Daily Mail, Hopkins writes about the reality that is descending on London […]

[MM_Member_Decision isMember=”false”][php snippet=3][/MM_Member_Decision] Mandeville, LA – Obama Built A Solar Panel Boondoggle Trump is Building A Steel One – All of President Trump’s bravado about “using American steel” to build pipelines and road girders and wings of new CIA data warehouses amounts to a government directed alteration of the market. Just like Obama’s green obsession with Solyndra […]

Mandeville, LA – The anti-Christian bigotry foaming from the mouths of PayPal’s executives continues and so does Mike’s demolition of their claim that NC is “not affording equal opportunity for our employees” making Mike wonder if male PayPal employees routinely spend time in the ladies room or worse in the bathrooms of their daughter’s at […]

Mandeville, LA – The porn merchants at this outfit called XHamster have dealt a crushing blow to the perverts of NC: has blacklisted ip addresses from the Tarheel state as revenge for the now famous Boys use boys rooms “bill” that has drawn the outrage of the pervert promoters Bruce Springsteen and Brian Adams. That’ll […]

Mandeville, LA – The LGBT Gaystapo 69th Light Loafered Infantry has recruited Field Commandumbs Brian Adams and the ever gullible, agnostic (that follows, right!?) Bruce Springsteen to their ranks. Mike asks the question then challenges his listeners “why don’t WE do that? Why not form ourselves into our own communities, claimed by and for Christ, begin […]

Mandeville, LA – “The Pope cannot be wrong” is a foundational part of Christian teaching but this has conditions that must explained in order fully understand it and no lay person explains it better than today’s Special Guest Chris Ferrara. In a long ranging 110 minute conversation, Church and Ferrara explain the scandal that Amoris Lætitia […]

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church interview with Joy Pullman of The Federalist, reviews the long overdue terminal illness of “Common Core”. Pullman reveals the sinister role über trillionaire Bill Gates played in launching CC and shoving it down the throats of parents. AND: Mike continues his Founding Fathers Red Pill definition of “what is a […]

Mandeville, LA – Claes Ryn, one of Mike’s favorite writers and guests reminds us that surrendering the battlefield of arts to what Mike calls the anarcho-pagans was THE biggest mistake of the last century and must be reversed to reverse ‘Muricah’s slide into becoming a full-on pagan world. Support the Veritas Radio Network and the CRUSADE […]

Idaho’s Governor signs a bill declaring the “Second Amendment is your concealed carry permit.” Hear Mike Church demolish this argument and the concept that the Second Amendment is in force from here to the Ice World of Hoth and back guaranteeing galaxy wide…nay, universal RTKBA rights!

Mandeville, LA – “Distributism”, the brain child of G.K Chesterton and Hillaire Belloc has been dismissed by libertarians including Tom Woods; and denied by Catholics, world wide as being incompatible with “modernity”. But why would the brilliant Chesterton have wasted his time on such an archaic notion that “Distributism” proposes? Much of this criticism can be explained by […]

Mandeville, LA – You will probably not hear “there’s no doubt that the evidence shows that William Shakespeare was most certainly a Catholic” begins Joseph Pearce, Mike’s guest and editor of The St. Austin Review. Why does that matter? For starters, Shakespeare’s literature contains timeless values taken from the Catholic mortal tradition, admitting his Catholicism, which […]

Mandeville, LA – Nathan Deal, the allegedly “conservative” governor of the state of GA has vetoed a watered down bill that affirmed “religious liberty” in GA. Deal basically stated that everyone has the right to sexual perversion and there is no role for government to mitigate it. This is just another of our vainglorious “democracy’s” […]

Mandeville, LA  – The image of Donald Trump dressed in wizard attire and charging down the hill on horseback to take back Helm’s Deep from the Orcs is brought to life as ridiculous comedy because the premise that “Mordor on the Potomac” can be “fixed by Trump or any other “conservative” is as ridiculous as pixie dust […]

Mandeville, LA – Mandeville, LA – This segment Mike channels the American Conservative’s Rod Dreher to help you understand what is wrong the new generation of  ‘Murican adults. Mike concludes his review of this new survey on the Millennial generation’s atheism & vulgar rejection of all Tradition especially the Ecclesiastic ones with a rhetorical flourish. “What does a […]

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church is joined by Chris Ferrara as they look into the real reasons why Islam is and has been at war with all non-believers. When will former Christendom wake up and combat the EU led, infiltration of Europe by Islam?  Why does Pope Francis call them Muslim refugees not Invaders? It took 819 years and hundreds […]

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church and Andrew Bieszad a professional on Islamic Studies from Hartford Seminary help you understand why Islamic radical Muslims continue to rage Jihad against non Muslims. [codepeople-html5-media-player id=3]

Mandeville, LA – In this episode of the Mike Church Show: Mike interviews Bradley Birzer where they solve the worlds problems with the Imaginative Conservative Mind of Russell Kirk.    

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church along with David Simpson of  The True Money Show go into detail on the “Bathroom Bill” backed by two Teachers Unions in Massachusetts that eliminate gender assignments for bathrooms-ALL public bathrooms including those used in public schools. Also, how this will become the new norm in our society.

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church explains how The Romans attempted to rid themselves of Cæsar and [r]estrore their former [r]epublic on the Ides of March, 44 BC. Also, why American Government has failed and what can be done about it.

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church continues to explore Romano Guardini’s “The Christian Foundation of Modern Values”, on the topic of manners, dignity vs. indignity and Nihilism.

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