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Caroline Farrow-Special Guest. Follow Caroline Farrow @CF_Farrow Mother and Son Day – Mother’s Day in the UK If you were born in a male body, you cannot have children! Motherhood is something that can only belong to the FEMALE sex. When people are shamed by others, that doesn’t usually bring them to Christ. Christ didn’t […]

“Susie Green needs to stop the harassment of those who disagree with her and stop using the police as her personal militia when they do so.” – Caroline Farrow Special Guest Caroline Farrow Follow Caroline on Twitter here: @CF_Farrow HEADLINE: A Franker Gender Debate by Madeleine Kearns Caroline explains the original call from PC ___ […]

 Caroline Farrow sits beside her erstwhile accuser According to the Evening Standard, charges against the august and brave Caroline Farrow have been dropped. This is, of course, a just outcome to an incredibly surreal Orwellian circumstance but also the answer to the prayers of Christians and Catholics on both sides of the pond. Police dropped the investigation on […]

The Outrage at Caroline Farrow’s, TrannyMammy™ Scandal Spreads Rod Dreher has discovered the sordid, despicable, diabolical campaign to silence The CRUSADE Channel’s UK Correspondent and host of The Farrow Files-Unleashed!, Caroline Farrow. The woman, who transported her 16 year old son to Thailand to have him castrated, Susie Soylent Green took to the TV air […]

Special Guest now the Special UK Correspondent Caroline Farrow Telethon affairs called Comic Relief – phone in and they do comedy and all the money goes to starving kids in Africa. Most of the money in the UK goes to sexual/reproductive health which we all know is abortion and contraception. They updated 4 weddings and […]

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