Catholics: There Are Boogeymen, They’re Called Free Masons!

Written by on 05/08/2019

Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest here on VRN.

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  • Alta Vendita – one particular stripe of Free Masonry.
  • The Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius the 9th
  • Series of error extracted from his own works.
  • These are modern errors that need to be avoided.
  • 4 Condemned Points – each condemned propositions gives you citation to the previous works.
  • The last one is the one that gets the Liberals the angriest. #80
  • Naturalism, Socialism, Communism, Pluralism so on and so forth all fall under the condemnation.

HEADLINE: A tectonic plate may have peeled apart—and that could shrink the Atlantic Ocean by Maya Wei-Haas

  • Scientists object to the plates moving that quickly when trying to disprove Noah’s flood etc.
  • Science moves very slowly because it is moving at a HUMANS pace.
  • “I hate it when reality undermines science.” – Brother Andre Marie
  • You cannot be ‘doctrinaire’ about your theories.
  • Theology has the most reliable data as its point.

HEADLINE: The Traditional Catholic Doctrine of Creation by Hugh Owen

HEADLINE: The Second Eve by Brother Andre Marie

“Death by Eve, life by Mary” — Saint Jerome (Epistle 22)

  • Eve was Adams partner in crime.
  • Mary was Jesus’ partner in redemption.
  • People’s path to the Truth are all different.
  • Some sink their teeth into the ‘rationalization’ and/or intellectual process of the Faith.
  • Some it happens more through the grace, the good, the true and the beauty of the Faith. They see the goodness of the moral code/law.
  • The Oratorians tend to be very Traditional and reverent.
  • The Common Good –
  • Dr. Andrew Willard Jones – author of the book Before Church and State-A Study of Social Order in the Sacramental Kingdom of St. Louis IX
  • I’m going to take some of the things I have learned from Dr. Jones and weave it into my talk for the Chivalry Conference.
  • Living Wages
  • Those who work the lay folk and those who fight, they anoint the feet of Our Lord by their good works.
  • The secular clergy anoint Our Lords body by preaching His word.
  • The monastic anoint Our Lords head by living a life of contemplation.
  • Seeking that which is lost and fighting for it! ReConquest
  • Is there a prayer or an intention that one may pray consistently that he or she is willing to fight for a new Christendom for here?
  • Pray the Psalms – that is all you need that is what the monks do.
  • We don’t typically need individual prayers for specific things.
  • Pray the prayers that were prayed the most when it was Catholic! You can’t get any better than that.

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