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Written by on 02/28/2019

Special Guest Christopher Ferrara

Catholic Family News Conference – In May

  • I haven’t planned my talk as of yet but it will be great.
  • It will most likely be related to the Rome issues and Fatima.
  • The Sweet Meteor of Death!

HEADLINE: The Sham Conclusion to a Sham Synod by Christopher Ferrara

  • The motto of the Vatican right now should be there is no business like show business.
  • They had no desire to address the real issue.
  • They do not want to hit on the homosexual infiltration of the clergy.
  • As high as 40-50% of newly ordained Priest are homosexual.
  • Even when discussing the sexual issues, they refuse to admit the Priest are homosexual.
  • What he is saying is this is just ONE area of the world wide problem.
  • He never hits the HOMOSEXUAL nature.
  • This isn’t a world wide problem. If it is, this is of no concern to us Catholics.
  • NOTHING was resolved, nothing REAL was discussed and it was all a sham.
  • St Peter Damian says sodomy is the worst of all sins.
  • He was talking about the clergy of Rome, now this is a world wide problem.

HEADLINE: Fr. James Martin to receive ‘LGBT Leadership Award’ from Notre Dame gay alumni group by Martin M. Barillas

  • The crisis in the 4th century – a decree required to profess the Catholic religion and the Divinity of Christ. This stopped the spread.
  • The time had come for the Consecration of Russia 1929, there will be a wind up of events. So we are looking at 2029, so we have 10 years to go.
  • Now no one knows the day or the hour but we know the request date is approaching.
  • The big tent of pluralism.
  • It did not have to be this way.
  • After the sodomite summit in Rome, he didn’t defend Our Lords prerogative…if Our Lord said it, do it.
  • The problem we have is that of a Dictator Pope a book by Marcantonio Colonna.
  • The Church didn’t have to end up in this situation but it surrendered.
  • What if the Bishops united as ONE and led a protest movement against the abortion movement? What if we pulled a Rosa Parks and blocked all abortion clinics?
  • The State hasn’t had to fire a single shot. The Church has folded its arms and allowed this to happen.
  • Advocating for abortion – MORTAL SIN! It places our souls on a path to HELL.
  • If every Bishop spoke this way, we could change the face of the Earth tomorrow!
  • They won’t though b/c it is a go along to get along boys club.
  • We are all going to die, we all have to face: DEATH JUDGEMENT HEAVEN and HELL!
  • What is going to happen when I die?
  • To place a bet on this world is a true suckers bet.
  • Real American History – The Liturgical Year 15 volumes (the Ordinary of the Mass)

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