CRUSADE Channel Listener Endorsements

Scott Keller CRUSADER Level Member

The CRUSADE Channel Helped Me Find The Good, True and Beautiful

I am honored to do my part to assist the VRN. Your channel has been a life changer for me, causing me to rethink every specious theory I used to hold. I was the poster child for the modern, luke warm ninny Catholics. I was a practitioner of Burger King Catholicism, embracing those tenets of the faith that caused me little inconvenience and that demanded as little of me as possible. Simultaneously I eschewed all the more challenging parts of the faith as being anachronistic and not tenable in the modern world.

I adopted the modernist attitudes towards Catholicism; viewing it as a tool for the benighted and weak minded. As I listened to your show I came to the realization that it was I who was benighted; it was I who was ignorant; it was I who was close minded; and that I had become a tool of and promulgator of empty modernist misinformation. Through your station I learned more about my faith in a few years than I had in the previous 45 years. I came to the realization that, contrary to my previously misguided perception, Catholicism is not only highly intellectual; it is also the key to eternal truth, beauty and goodness.

Perhaps I was only able to recognize this truth because I spent so many years in the wilderness chasing illusory fulfillment through worship of ‘Murica, politics and consumerism. Detaching from the empty promises of the modern world and immersing myself in this beautiful, rich, traditional faith coupled with and supported by fellow Crusade Channel adherents and guests has led me to embrace my Catholic faith and led me to a much deeper study of the history and foundations of the Church.

It has been an incredibly rewarding experience for which I am eternally grateful to you and everyone associated with the channel, both past and present.

John Horvat Celebrity Guest

It's Great To Restore The Order With The Mike Church Show

It is always great to be on the show. You bring up all the things that really matter. God bless and keep up the fight in 2018!

John Horvat

Jen Founders pass monthly

I love that I can find intelligent and legitimate content on your shows that reflect the true Church.

My favorite show is Reconquest with Brother Andre Marie.

I really enjoyed Brother Andre Marie's interview with Dr. William Edmund Fahey of The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts. It made me long to redo my college days at this true Catholic university rather than the fake Catholic university I attended.

Scott K. Founding Father

The CRUSADE Channel Community & Programming Changed My Life

I wanted to provide a testimonial on my experience with the Veritas Radio Network.

Like many of your listeners, I was once a fire breathing “conservative”-watching Fox news, listening to the talk radio mafia, voting Republican etc. I was an ardent member of the outrage brigade, anxiously awaiting Fox & Friends, Rush, Beck or O’Reilly to push my buttons, either sending me in to a fit of rage or, conversely, causing me to break in to a gleeful USA, USA chant. This also entailed being a rabid cheerleader for any and all foreign interventions perpetrated by our august rulers in Mordor. As a good statist, election nights and the launching of some new military conquest were like Christmas for me. I sat transfixed by the images on TV, beaming with fake patriotic pride; dutifully investing my time, emotions and votes like a good, unthinking servant of the state.

At some point, I did the unthinkable, I started to question how conservatives could reconcile claims to be for small government whilst also advocating a massive defense/intelligence apparatus, massive entitlement programs and rampant cronyism. I recognized the hypocrisy of detesting the federal leviathan for all its intrusions in to my life while having no compunction about unleashing this same government on every person inhabiting the planet. I also started to wonder if the talk radio mafia and Republican Party actually believed in anything they espoused or had they become co-opted appendages of the Deep State- enriching and empowering themselves through perpetuation of the problems they claimed to lament.

Fortuitously, I happened upon your program on Sirius XM one morning in 2013. It was the first time I heard a talk show host actually drill in to the real stories of the American Revolution, the Civil War etc and look at them with a much more critical eye. It was the first time I heard anyone speak of secession, an out of scale nation state and question the right/left, red/blue, liberal/conservative paradigm. Like all of us who had suffered decades of indoctrination in the American exceptionalism mantra, I was a bit shell shocked, initially-but I was intrigued and began to tune in daily for another dose of the red pill.

As a lukewarm Catholic, I was a little reticent when the discussion turned to faith. Like many Catholics, I strayed from my faith when I reached adulthood and was spiritually adrift for some time. I was easy prey for the American zeitgeist; eschewing religion for the much easier path of hedonism. I substituted the State for God, the Republican party for The Church and “conservative” commentators/politicians for the clergy.

As you tied together the historical and spiritual it became clear to me that the problems of this nation are not merely a recent by-product of modernism, they were baked in at the sacrosanct Constitutional Convention. The societal problems manifested today are symptomatic of an enlightened culture that has denied the spiritual, the soul and Christianity; replacing God with a faith in man, scientism and the material. I read Liberty, The God that Failed and the rest of the dots were connected. I began to look at history in a whole new light and question everything I had ever been taught.

Once I removed the matrix cable my mind and soul were liberated. My obsession with politics waned while I began to warm to the Catholic message more and more. I followed you to the Veritas Network and jettisoned Sirius XM in 2015. I can honestly say that your station has changed my life and motivated me to strive to be a better person.

I now have a much less sanguine, non-jingoistic perspective on the history of this country, and am able to see through the propaganda and misinformation with which we are incessantly bombarded. Most importantly, the VRN has helped me to resuscitate my moribund Catholic faith. I have been inspired by your example and that of so many fellow listeners and guests. Seeing and hearing so many people openly discuss their Catholic faith is inspirational, and compelled me to confront my failure to understand and appreciate my faith.

As my Catholic faith grew stronger I desired more knowledge and prayer. I purchased a Daily Roman Missal, began reading the daily scriptures, praying the rosary, going to daily mass whenever possible, keeping the Sabbath and have even attended Tridentine services.

I want to thank you for helping me recognize the beautiful gift I had been given in my Catholic faith. I am ashamed to say that I took it for granted for so many years.

VRN has grown in to a wonderful, close-knit community where members can share ideas, information and humor; inspiring one another to be better people, spouses, parents, friends and Christians. This is much more than a radio station or show. I am eternally grateful to you for your dedication and commitment to this effort; for proudly professing your faith; and helping all of us in this community to become more devout.

Blessings to you, your family and all those at VRN. The work you do is greatly appreciated, and is life altering.


Scott K.

Nick Listener-Founder's Pass Member

Nick The College Student

“Midder” Church,

It’s been great listening to you these past few months. Your conversion story is touching and encouraging. Hearing you is such a wonderful reprieve from the experiences of my daily life. I am a college student, and all around me is love of fornication, love of money, and love of self. Finding you has been my reprieve from all this, I've learned more in 1 year from researching the Truth and listening to your show on my own than 12 years of Catholic education ever taught me.

Please keep your show going strong.


Jenny S. Founders Pass Member

The CRUSADE Channel is a good resource and so important for my catholic growth

Have been NOVUS ORDO since birth and Catholic for a year. I discovered the Latin Mass a little over a year ago and thus began my journey of what a Catholic really is. I can not believe how much I’ve been deceived. I am a true product of 70s/80s NOVUS ORDO Private School (won’t call it Catholic school), which means I was completely derailed and ignorant almost my whole adult life. The shame is overwhelming. Since my discovery I have been in search of credible sources (btw…lonely journey). I have listened to you, Mike Church, off and on and today I became a member. Thank you for helping me see. I love many of your Church Doctrines, especially the PAX. Wow, do I learn things. My journey continues and is challenging me in so many ways. I struggle, so good resources are so important for my growth. I am now attending an FSSP Parish, but 2 weeks I was out of town in Colorado Springs and attended St. Patrick’s and I felt I was at a show not a Mass. I saw it in a whole new light!

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