CRUSADE Channel Listener Endorsements

Sterling Yearly

Looking for information & people you can trust? Here it is!! There is a program or many programs to make you think and expand your knowledge!!

I listened to Mike when he was on Sirius/XM radio before his TRUTH became too much for many powerful entities. Now, with a new network, owned by the listeners, free speech and thinking abounds!! Mike's show is as good as ever! The addition of The Mark Kreslins show, pushed me to a great sense of desiring true liberty. Greg Carpenter, Suzanne Sherman and many others, with their own shows, will pull you away from the old airwaves and satellite listening experience. This is the new and cutting-edge of where radio is going. Don't complain about what media has and is doing. Leave the old school and enroll in the new school!

Paul Scherrer Founding Father

I have been listening to the shows on Veritas Radio Network since it started. I enjoy Mikes' show a great deal. However, the shows that have been added are becoming some of my favorites. You have only so much time in the day to listen so you have to make some choices. The Veritas App helps because I can increase the speed of the replay. I really enjoy Reverse Deception. I never listened to it until last year. The True Money Show is great. I even listen to the Suzanne Option sometimes. Overall, the product is great and the technology allows you access whenever and wherever you desire. The shows on Veritas are recorded in such great quality I can listen to them anywhere. The Veritas shows are the only ones I can hear while mowing my lawn. It's loud and clear. As a group the Veritas Network does a fantastic job.

I can't endorse one. I would endorse them all.

One show I remember well was a Reverse Deception episode. I am sure Junk Bond worked hard on it. The show about Polio was out of this world. I saved it.

Shawn Stephens Founding Brother

Mike Church PERSONALLY Called Me With Tech Support!

Mike is phenomenal. I can't say enough about the Christian service and humility he exemplifies. He's as nice on the phone and as patient, kind, considerate and charming as on the air. And he fixes things! How cool is that. King Dude indeed.

Harold cullingfOrD Founding Brother

The Veritas Radio provides my daily dose of the truth, perhaps sometimes more than I want to hear, but never more than I need to hear.

John Horvat Celebrity Guest

It's Great To Restore The Order With The Mike Church Show

It is always great to be on the show. You bring up all the things that really matter. God bless and keep up the fight in 2018!

John Horvat

Mike Montgomery Founding fathers monthly

The sound and programming are the best in the business. Definitely worth every penny of my Founders Pass between the programming and content app. Package deal all the way around all hosts are genuine and entertaining.

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