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Written by on 03/11/2019

  • We are in orbit around Charleston.
  • Arranged Marriages – Donald Livingston was all for it.
  • His point was that sex is a very strange thing. It is hard to get any kind of policy around it.
  • Look at the catastrophe of divorces and illegitimate children that surround marriage today.
  • There should be a little more of an “arrangement” with marriage.
  • Of course when you are 20 or so, you think you are invincible.
  • Even if it wasn’t arranged, this is a modern idea that you marry for “love”. No you marry for “children”.
  • Communist Experiment – private property hasn’t been eliminated here yet but that was one of the first things that was done away with.
  • New York, Vermont, New Mexico – passing acts in legislature laws of infanticide: it is bias to the radical free floating individualism.
  • Supreme Court would constitutionalize so called gay marriage.
  • Obama, both Clintons and more stated marriage was b/w a man and a women yet the Supreme Court just arbitrarily decided the opposite without much opposition.
  • Rethinking of the American Union – Founder of the Abbeville Institute
  • Institute was created to counter the Universities in the South and Southern Tradition.
  • Southern History is just not taught anymore due to political correctness.
  • Robert E. Lee – he was one of the most popular Generals
  • It was because of his character.
  • The Enduring Character of Robert E. Lee – book by Marshall L. DeRosa
  • Today if someone disagrees, the opposition immediately caves and adjusts accordingly. This would not have happened or even been an option 10 years ago.
  • Congress writing its own rules.
  • What Lincoln had to argue – simple authority. It is rooted in the American people as an aggregate.
  • Forming a Political Society of the American People – and they recognized the colonies as states.
  • States then were really like counties.
  • They accepted Federalism – QUESTION: what happens when there is a conflict b/w the two? Who decides the proper course of action?
  • This ends up being the Supreme Court.
  • Jeffersonian View: completely different from the Political Society.
  • Two different views of America and it is important to understand the two views.
  • Majority Rule – would be an absolute horror show.
  • Article 7 – Ratification of 9 states
  • If they have the power to call a convention to ratify then they have to power to do the opposite!
  • The states weren’t even allowed to vote then.
  • The Supreme Court wasn’t considered legitimate.
  • RUSSIAS SECESSION: The biggest PEACEFUL collapse in modern history. 15 states over a period of time negotiated a dissolution. Some states when their own way.
  • The Left is the party concerned about secession.
  • Trumps election was portrayed as illegitimate.
  • The Trump election simply wasn’t accepted. So Congress and all isn’t concerned about policies… is just a battle of legitimacy.
  • GDP of the world is $70 Trillion, the United States is at 3 TIMES that.
  • Texas, NY and Florida are larger than Japan. Japan has the largest GDP in the world.
  • Texas has larger GDP than all of Russia.
  • It cannot continue to be centralized. We are just too big.
  • People in their gut KNOW this is NOT working but they are all trained on the Lincolnonian
  • Model, they don’t know how to change it.
  • Abbeville Institute –


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