Mandeville, LA – Episode 5 of the hit series The Pearcing Truth is the best Literary Converts episode yet and features an “Errata” about our mystery convert to help you get to know this episode’s Literary Convert a bit better and unravel the mystery of their identity. NOW FOR THIS WEEK’S ERRATA and it is a […]

This episode is based on Chapter 3 of Small Is Still Beautiful-Economics As If Families Mattered.

This collection includes FIVE of Mike Church’s, 2017 interviews with world-renown and Mike Church Show fan-favorite Joseph Pearce. Because of their years long friendship on and off air, Mike brings out some of the wittiest and simultaneously brilliant takes on whatever the issue of the day is.

On this episode of The Pearcing Truth show & classroom, we’ll review the “historia” of one of Britain’s most celebrated poets from the post World War I era. Taken from Joseph’s book “Literary Converts”.

Joseph Pearce’s book Small Is Still Beautiful is an update on Schumacher’s seminal work Small Is Beautiful, this show is based on the book. Free of “theories” and idolatry of the “free-market”, “Small…” will inspire you to correct thinking on the purpose of economics: families.

Joseph Pearce’s book Small Literary Converts remains a classic among fans of Chesterton & The Bard. Now Pearce brings his famous wit and wisdom to radio in this part educational part mystery puzzle show. Can you guess who the mystery man of letters is this week?


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