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NFL News – The Saints won their game last night against the Eagles

The Dallas Cowboys vs the Rams


HEADLINE: L.A. Unified’s grim financial outlook by The Times Editorial Board

  • The L.A. Unified’s one job is what? Educating the children.
  • They are projected to have a $400 million deficit by 2020.
  • They spend $35 million a year in healthcare for school employees. (part-time)

HEADLINE: The realities of California’s pension crisis by Dan Walters

HEADLINE: Forget the scary pension future; study confirms the crisis is hitting now by Steven Greenhut

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HEADLINE: How Wisdom Helps People Destroy the Dictatorship of the Emojis by John Horvat II

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Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden – QUEEN LACTATIA

HEADLINE: 10-Year-Old Boy ‘Drag Kid’ Photographed With Naked Adult Drag Queen by Amanda Presigiacomo

  • The human mind can only take so much before we lose the capacity to process certain information.
  • A people that call themselves….FREE, this is what “freedom” has gotten us.
  • Freedom removes the barrier to sin.
  • We are getting closer and closer to the end here people.

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HEADLINE: Notification Concerning Mass and the Sacraments at Saint Benedict Center by Brother Andre Marie (host of ReConquest)

  • Under what pretense does this serve the people you allege are being harmed by the teachings at the SBC?
  • How does THIS make THAT right?
  • You are denying 1,000 of the sacraments!


 HEADLINE: Pope’s letter to US bishops has Americans scratching their heads by Phil Lawler


HEADLINE: Franciscan U apologizes after first defending pornographic book that blasphemed Our Lady by Martin M. Barillas

  • There were Christian in Iran.


HEADLINE: Kamala Harris’s Outrageous Assault on the Knights of Columbus by Matthew Continetti

  • There was an attempt to preach the faith to the Persians, it didn’t succeed which is why we see the way they are today.
  • Notice Abortion has now become the lefts ‘sacrament’ they will not budge on. (not being blasphemous this is how they treat abortion)

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BACK TO HEADLINE: Kamala Harris’s Outrageous Assault on the Knights of Columbus by Matthew Continetti

  • These lukewarm ninnies are harmless! What are they so worried about???
  • More than religious freedom is under attack in the controversy over the Knights. So is the freedom of association.
  • The problem is pluralism.
  • This is a flawed position from the get-go.
  • No longer is the debate over Christianity in the public square. It is over Christians in the public square. And this is an argument in which people of every faith have a stake in the outcome.
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HEADLINE: Those Porky Pentagon Earmarks Never Really Went Away by Winslow T. Wheeler

  • The explanation of Congress’s new, more deceptive and expensive pork system starts with Trump declaring that “America is being respected again” on September 28, while signing an appropriations bill into law that provided $675 billion to the Pentagon. The bill was passed in the House of Representatives with the vote of four of every five House members and in the Senate with almost nine of every 10 senators.






HEADLINE: List of Countries by Projected GDP by International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook

  • 64 have above $100 billion
  • A Quarter of what we spend DOESN’T EVEN EXSIST! We have to “print it or borrow it”.
  • Why hasn’t this sparked a revolt?
  • Because there are almost 10 million employed by the Military Industrial Complex.
  • These people would spend more if they could! They would go deeper into debt if they could.

HEADLINE: US fertility rate is below level needed to replace population, study says by CNN Wire

HEADLINE: Vital Statistics Rapid Release by CDC Births: Provisional Data for 2017





  • Bombing the crap out of foreign countries but we cannot build anything.
  • All we do well is war.
  • We CHOSE John Bombing Bolton!
  • We went all in on being the World Dominant Bombing Force.
  • We had to give up on innovation and other things that didn’t pertain to war.
  • The outskirts of London reminds me of Kandahar.

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HEADLINE: Janet Is A Painful Case Study In The Wide-Reaching Consequences Of Declining Communities by Emily Jashinsky

  • “We used to live tribally. The tribes could always share. There was a huge close-knit community that could share. I know what we need. I don’t know how to get it, but I know what we need: We need people who understand what is happening to us to sit down with us and explain it.”
  • It is the Church closings that are having the impact!








 HEADLINE: How Wisdom Helps People Destroy the Dictatorship of the Emojis by John Horvat II

  • “Activists can label anyone opposed to this emotional rule as heartless and self-interested. Feelings determine what is true or good. Hard decisions based on principles make people suffer; they are deemed judgmental and bigoted.” 
  • The Caller from the other day that was so emotional over the Border Wall. He let his emotions dictate the thought process of the wall.
  • “Indeed, the emoji is a fitting symbol of the times. It has no depth or personality. It is a fickle expression of mood impulses. It often offends by its brutal simplicity. The emoji evokes emotions that flee from definition or lasting impact.” – Horvat
  • Take Gracie my dog in the other room – she doesn’t have intellect to process things.
  • I can tell the difference in beauty. I can see beauty and/or ugliness.
  • This is why it is important not to coffin canonize our loved ones.

 HEADLINE: Filthy Lucre: The UK’s Abortion Industry by K.V. Turley

  • The Pro-Life movement has been a failure. The reason it is failing is because it is not using the highest authority….GOD.
  • GOD said thou shalt not kill, GOD said thou shalt not steal….see where I am going with this?
  • Instead we chose to use the creations of man, government to try and stop the killing of innocent babies.
  • Under what authority do you tell people to stop the killing of the innocent?
  • “Funded through taxpayers via the state-run National Health Service, reached a record high of 134,768 abortions”
  • “A 2017 report from the CQC told of how Marie Stopes International (MSI), of the UK’s biggest private abortion providers, was paying staff bonuses for encouraging women to undergo abortions.”

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

 HEADLINE: Americans Used To Support A Border Wall. What Changed Their Minds? by Emily Ekins
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