World Premiere of The Final Edition of The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes

The CRUSADE Channel

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Date: 01/15/2019
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: The CRUSADE Channel

Mandeville, LA – You know Mike Church from his radio show, now get to know him as an actor playing and directing Sherlock Holmes!

Tis the season!

UPDATE 07-01-19: The broadcast debut was so popular and demand to hear the feature in its entirety as director Mike Church intended fans to hear it has prompted the plan to re-broadcast the final edition of LCSH.

“This will be a significant improvement on the Christmas Eve broadcast edition. We were on a ultra-tight time budget to get this on-air, we’ve now had time to properly edit and score the piece, it is such an improvement, you will not recognize some scenes!” – Director and voice of Sherlock Holmes, Mike Church

Busy shopping,entertaining, and spending time with the family?

You can have it all with the CRUSADE CHANNEL’s newest production…”The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes: A Christmas Story”

“The characters of Sherlock Holmes and Father Brown are two of the greatest in detective fiction, if not in all of literature. It has always been a pleasant daydream: what if they met? And what would happen if they did? In The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes we explore this intriguing possibility, with some twists and turns and a surprising conclusion.” – Last Confession writer KV Turley

Whether you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes, Father Brown, Scooby-Doo, or Radio Classics; this will hit home. Mystery, Murder, and Mayhem abounds in a quality telling of a Sherlock Holmes tale that is both unexpected and revealing. A family safe program, unlike the Wil Farrell movie being released next week.

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Two men meet for the first time: Sherlock Holmes and a priest.
One of the men has a secret.
And as a murder is unearthed, a murderer is revealed.
What follows is an epiphany of the strangest sort, if one with a quite unexpected journey to the manger during Christmastide.
A story of a confession: but, also, a tale of one of the most unlikely conversions.
The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes.
Written by K.V. Turley and Fiorella de Maria.
Produced and directed by Mike Church.

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