The Barrett Brief – Facebook Happily Profited off of New Zealand

Written by on 03/21/2019

Mandeville, La

  • Twitter is A Joke, Otherwise it’s Just Sad.
  • Let’s Jump Into the B.L.U.F. (Bottom Line Up Front).
  • Australian Politicians are Abusing the Tragedy of New Zealand because of Gun Control.
  • The Live-Stream of the Shooting in New Zealand, Was ALLOWED By Facebook besides.
  • 54% of Republicans Do Support the Legalization of Marijuana.
  • AP Has 10 Things They Want You To Want to Want to Know About.
  • Virtue of the Day; P–de–e
  • Shotguns in the Crosshairs of the Australian Law Makers Gun Control Because of their Agenda
  • More Guns Equals More Guns And Nothing More
  • Friday they’re going broadcast a muslim call to prayer… Are You Serious?
  • Kale Found To Have The Most Amount of Pesticides
  • Heart Health Isn’t Something to Play Around With
  • Eating a Strong Breakfast can Improve Your Heart Versus No Breakfast At All
  • Bill and Ted the Long Awaited Three-quel Right? Keanu Reaves Seems to Think So!
  • You Gotta Be Kiddin Me
  • Mike Church Show Host Crosstalk
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