Father Knows Bishopric-How Treating Your House Like Its A Church can Save Your Wife & Kids’ Souls – The Mike Church Show

Written by on 12/06/2018

Mandeville, La – With Managing Editor of Catholic Family News’, Matt Gasper.

Special Guest Matt Gaspers

Follow Mr. Gaspers here: @MattGaspers @cathfamilynews

Just gave a talk at the Catholic Identity Conference.

  • In Colorado and I live next to a meat packing plant. (used to be owned by a local family but has since been bought by a large foreign entity)
  • 40-45 minute drive to town

Fatherhood and the Domestic Church, Restoration Begins at Home (title of talk at CIC 2018)

Holiness At Home, The Importance of The Family (talk #2)

  • Family life is a Monarchy, the Father is at the top!
  • We are not talking tyranny like how Pope Francis is running things.
  • The Father of the family answers to God first and foremost. The Father honors the wife and mother of his children. She participates in the authority as a parent.
  • At the end of the year for tax purposes, Catholic Family News is a great place to donate your money to.
  • The man is basically like the Bishop of the household. (King of the Castle)
  • Old episodes of All In The Family – how many times did Archie say sit down and listen to me?
  • We need to reclaim how the Father is represented.
  • “Discharge our office in your own houses….”

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