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The attack on the St. Benedict Center is on! More on this to come later in the show. When you mess with our beautiful peeps at the center, we will retaliate.

HEADLINE: NH-based ‘only Catholics go to heaven’ group sanctioned by Church; aspiring nun allegedly held against her will by Damien Fisher

  • There is a vendetta being waged against the center.
  • In the letter to the St. Benedict Center, there is a typo.
  • “Extra Ecclesiam Nullam Salus” It is NULLA Bishop Peter A. Libasci and Archbishop J. Augustine Di NOIA
  • The correct way to spell it “Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus”.
  • This makes my spider-sense stand on edge that you cannot even spell this!
  • This article reads like it is from the Onion!
  • The FBI has already been to the center, they were there in August to investigate this accusation.
  • The story this is based upon, what is the actual charge? The Bishop never really says what the formal charge is.

Back To Article –

  • This article uses these terms over and over again: COMPOUND and SLAVES
  • This is actually the Churches teaching!
  • So people with advanced degrees in logic, and philosophy perennis, they use semantics?
  • We are kinda’ ALL on trial here.
  • You say “supposedly” this woman took vows.
  • He basically is one step away from calling the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary a gang.
  • He presents himself as “Brother Andre Marie”….he PRESENTS himself?!
  • This is just absolutely ridiculous and has my blood boiling.
  • David Simpson and I believe this is OUR future as well.

HEADLINE: The Southern Poverty Law Center has lost all credibility by Marc A. Thiessen

  • The Hit Piece Concludes –
  • At the same time this persecution that is being hurled at our dear friends at the St. Benedict Center, there are FAMILIES that moved there to be taught REAL Catholicism, not the watered down version.


HEADLINE: This is what the Coast Guard in Cork found on a beach by Irish Examiner

  • Do you know the legend of St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland?
  • How did the snakes leave Ireland?
  • St. Patrick chased them where? INTO THE SEA!

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Jeff Bezos Divorce

  • He has been married for 25 years and has 4 children.
  • Who busted this story out? The National Enquirer of course.
  • More proof that money doesn’t buy you happiness.

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Special Guest Richard and Stephen Payne

You can search their website here at Arcadia Films

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (newest DVD)

  • Left the industry in 1991 because of the demonic way the movie industry was going.

AUDIO/VIDEO: A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Official Trailer

  • Why the Saul Alinsky story?
  • EWTN the President was the one that actually approached us about this film.
  • I studied at Loyola in Chicago, while I was there got involved in civil rights activity.
  • Talked about this with one of my spiritual mothers in Canada –
  • The Gender Agenda is a feature length docudrama produced by Arcadia Films for EWTN, The Global Catholic Network. The film is the next in a new series that began with the award winning A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.” The Gender Agenda, Written by Richard and Directed by Stephen Payne, the same father/son filmmakers of Arcadia Films. The film explores the roots of the ‘gender identity’ movement and the radical confused rejections of the natural law, and classic forms of Christian morality by modern Gnosticism and Cultural Marxism. The movement warned of by Our Lady of Fatima in which Communist Russia has spread her errors turning Western Christian Civilization’s ‘Culture of Life’ into a ‘Culture of Death’ in the 19th and 20th Century. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing explored Saul Alinsky’s Community Organizing movement which shaped the Catholic Church’s “Campaign for Human Development” and American society’s culture. Its politics, its schools and universities, courts, cinema and mainline media. The Gender Agenda explores the lives of Simone de Beauvoir and Alfred Kinsey, which illustrate the anti-church, anti-culture attacks of Gnosticism “the mother and father of all heresies” in its contemporary form ‘cultural Marxism.” It tells the story of the Satanic Freemasonry and socialist ideologies of Antonio Gramsci, the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory of Political Correctness and the Fabian Society which have turned society upside down and inside out. The film demonstrates how this happened through  the sexual revolution. The film especially opens the eyes of viewers  to the revolution’s sinister roots; and impact of the feminist and homosexual movements and their destruction of marriage and  family.  It presents the various warnings and remedies of the the Blessed Mother and her saints for the attacks on Christ’s Church from within and without.”
  •  The Utopian Vision -where would you want a Communist to die?
  • A banking institution! What a great place for this guy to die. Drops dead on the sidewalk in front of a bank.
  • This movie is a game changer for Catholics and for those that may be considering converting.
  • Land of Lakes Conference – Alinskey enters the scene here. Monsignor John Joseph Egan – American Roman Catholic priest and social activist
  • This lead to Vatican II and all that came out of that.
  • 1938-1970’s
  • The first gay parade was in 1917 sponsored by the Bolsheviks and held in Moscow!
  • Gender Agenda we are shooting for Ash Wednesday but we are taking our time to get it right.
  • We want to make sure people understand just how diabolical this gay agenda is.
  • Kinsey Institute – they are holding back data as well so we are dealing with that as well.
  • The confrontation lies within the plan.
  • The Church must take this up and defend courageously!
  • Alice von Hildebrand – she is in her mid 90’s and she isn’t doing very well so we ask for your audience to pray for her.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Alice von Hildebrand—For 30 Years I’ve Been Fighting the Horror of Feminism

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 St. Benedict Center

  1. How pitiful it is that a letter coming from the Vicar, the Archbishop J. Augustine Di NOIA
  • So the St. Benedict Center has been ordered to stop.
  • Mike Reads the response from Brother Andre Marie released today @ 9:00 am cst
  • They have been ordered to close it’s school, they can’t have any Masses, they can’t have any sacraments etc.
  • The journalist at the NH Union is married to the super Feminist Simcha Fisher husband Damien Fisher.
  • This explains a lot about why this article was written this way.

HEADLINE RECAP: NH-based ‘only Catholics go to heaven’ group sanctioned by Church; aspiring nun allegedly held against her will by Damien Fisher

HEADLINE: NH schismatics, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, can no longer offer sacraments by Simcha Fisher

  • Father Feeney was NOT excommunicated!
  • Father Feeney’s story – as told by Mike
  • Today I am more proud than ever to call myself a Feeneyite. (Feeneyism)
  • He would NOT relent! He never stopped preaching “no salvation outside the Church”.




 President Trump walks out on Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer

HEADLINE: The Religious Fanaticism of Silicon Valley Elites by Paul Ingrassia

  • “They’ve rejected God and tradition in favor of an egoistic radicalism that sees their fellow man as expendable.”
  • Jeff Bezos was caught having an affair.
  • “While Silicon Valley types delay giving their own children screens, knowing full well their deleterious effects on cognitive and social development (not to mention their addictive qualities), they hardly bat an eye when handing these gadgets to our middle class. Some of our Silicon oligarchs have gone so far as to call these products “demonic,” yet on they go ushering them into schools, ruthlessly agnostic as to whatever reckoning this might have for future generations.”
  • Steve Jobs didn’t let his children have iPhones or iPod or tablets b/c he KNEW they weren’t good but for YOU the MIDDLE class, they are okay for YOU.
  • TrannyMammy Mob Example –
  • LIBERAL DEMOCRACY should be in peril in my opinion.
  • We are actually dumb enough to give that a try again.
  • I’ll tell you what is wrong with this book, people are made in giant test-tubes! And the people that live are CHOSEN to survive.
  • We have to STOP with the technology. NOT medical technology, I am talking about genetically engineering humans etc.
  • Want to know why the faith is so important? THIS article right here is why the faith is so important.

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