The Founder's Pass is Your Ticket Out of The Talk Radio Mafia's Wasteland.

Our Mission is simple: Delivering “King-Sized Truth; From Radio-Sized Speakers.

“Hi, I’m Mike Church. I founded the Veritas Radio Network to finally give talk-radio listeners an original, mission driven radio station where new and old talents meet listeners, develop community and save the Free World. This is King-Sized Truth, From Radio-Sized Speakers.”
Mike Church
Founder-Veritas Radio Network
Veritas Fact 1: For 1/2 of a Netflix subscription’s price you gain access to listen to and get to know our talk-show hosts... personally.
You Can Enjoy All 7 of These Shows for 14 Days FREE!

Meet The Real Radio Announcers of the CRUSADE

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You Can Enjoy All 7 of These Shows for 14 Days FREE!

The 14 Day FREE Trial* ($0.00 trial period then $7.99/month) option for new and curious CRUSADERS. Now you can sample all the amazing Radio The Way It Should Be content that we archive here for Founders Pass members on the Veritas Radio Network site! JOIN NOW And Start Your 5 Day FREE Trial Now

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