Founders Pass Members Only SOTU Chatroom!

Written by on 02/05/2019

Mandeville, LA – This is the Founders Pass, Members Only, LIVE! Chatroom for the State of The Union address by President Trump. Not a Founder’s Pass member? take 50% off tonight on a one year or one month membership, click here to use the coupon code JOIN2018 and save 50% off regular, Basic memberships!

WATCH the SOTU on CSPAN (the feed is also on The CRUSADE Channel)


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  • William H says:

    Donna Brazil newest FOXSNEWS darling on now telling lies that illegals pay taxes?

  • William H says:

    Pelosi is not happy

  • Daniel D says:

    When it is said we worship the same God as the Muslims Jews Protestants etc. that can be understood as Catholics being able to discuss Logos with are separated bretheren.
    They do no understand Christ as Catholics do.

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