Gay Priests To Hichborn, “Stop! Or Sister Mary Pantsuit Will Shoot!”

Written by on 06/26/2019

Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Confrontation with AUSCP Rep Michael Hichborn

Sister Mary Pantsuit: You are not permitted here, can you get that message?

Fr. Ripperger on Tradition and that the Magisterium can’t change the Deposit of Faith-  “And this is where we run into a problem with certain members of the Magisterium who feel that even the Deposit of Faith is at their discretion. There’s a certain Hegelian dialectic, you don’t really need to know what that means, but it basically just indicates that things always change and that things cannot help but change. And so they think that even the Deposit of Faith changes and that each generation has successively modified it slightly in passing it on to the next generation, imparted itself into the next generation. This is absolutely heresy. The Deposit is the property of Jesus Christ, and therefore no one, not even the Pope, has the right to change it. The Pope is merely the custodian of the Mysteries of God, that is the Deposit, not the owner. And as a custodian he or anyone else is not permitted to change it. Now there are some things about Tradition that are open to change but those don’t pertain to the Deposit and some that aren’t. That we will talk about much later but the Deposit of Faith, those teachings which were essential to salvation, and all the sacraments, and those things, the Church does not have a right to modify it. Not necessarily the ritual but at least the content. ”

HEADLINE: US Bishops Support Priest Assembly Calling for Women’s Ordination by Michael Hichborn

The AUSCP states as two implications of this new understanding of the sacraments:

3. The baptized have a right to enhanced sacramental opportunities. Limiting ordained ministry to males is an act of injustice to the baptized. [emphasis added]

4. Likewise, depriving one half of the human race of the capacity to serve as ordained ministers is an act of injustice

  • Father Sean homily on this past Sunday on Veritas Radio Network – Sermon Sunday – he began on this subject of women being ordained and married Priests etc.

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