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AUDIO/VIDEO:  The Crying Indian – Full Commercial

  • Junkbond did a piece on this about how this was the very 1st propaganda style commercials.

Iron Eyes Coyte – He wasn’t even a Native American

Nathan Phillips – he was out crying that these aggressive Catholic boys scared him etc.

The only problem with this story is that it DIDN’T happen.

HEADLINE: Nathan Phillips rally attempted to disrupt Mass at DC’s National Shrine by Ed Condon

  • This wasn’t just an innocent bunch of protestors. The crying Indian that has been canonized by the Bishop of Kentucky and Baltimore attempted on Jan 19th to enter the Basilica during a Saturday evening Mass, banging their drums. (sound familiar)
  • Just who are the Black Hebrew Israelites? -They are members of the House of Israel, which draws from what scholars call Black Israelism, a complex American religious movement that can be dated to the 18th century, at least. Beliefs vary widely, but groups are bound together by the central tenet that African-Americans are the literal descendants of the Israelites of the Bible and have been severed from their true heritage. A related belief holds that white people are Edomites, the genealogical descendants of Esau – the twin of Jacob.
  • This is an absolute outrage!
  • It is an embarrassing time to be a Catholic.
  • I am so sick of these WEAK men that are supposed to be leading us!
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Wizard of Oz – Lion Jumps out of the Window
  • Photographic evidence of Phillips protesting outside the Basilica.

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HEADLINE: Feeding the gods: Hundreds of skulls reveal massive scale of human sacrifice in Aztec capital by Lizzie Wade

  • Sacrifice City – For the Mexica, human sacrifice was key to the health of the world. Recent finds show that a vast rack of skulls stood in a temple at the heart of their capital, Tenochtitlan.
  • People wonder why Mel Gibson finished up his movies from the Passion to Apocalypto? THIS is why! He was making the distinct difference of the cultures here.

HEADLINE: The bi-locating nun who may have evangelized America by Philip Kosloski

  • Maria Fernández Coronel in 1602 she joined the Order of the Immaculate Conception located in Spain. The religious community was known for its blue habit, and she took the name Maria de Jesús.
  • This is a POST Christian world. Is this where you want to live? Do you volunteer for human sacrifice?



Headline: The Church is Very Sick and in Need of Renewal, and Covington Proves It by Deion A. Kathawa

  • One of the most beautiful images to meditate on is that the Church—in addition to being the Bride of Christ, the ark of salvation, and more—is also our Mother. You could be forgiven for not knowing that, given the shameful way She has handled this debacle. Mothers are nurturing. They protect their children. They form them and build them up to be virtuous and God-fearing.
  • “Rather than cover her children with her mercy and protection, the Covington diocese and high school joined in the bloodbath.”
  • You know what is happening here?
  • The USCCB has fled the battle field, matter of fact, they were never on it!

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HEADLINE: Trump says he directed Sarah Sanders ‘not to bother’ with White House press briefings by John Wagner





Special Guest Leila Miller author of Made This Way

Follow Leila Miller on Twitter @LeilaMillerLCB and check her blog out leilamiller.net

  • Transgender youth
  • Things are used according to their nature. The Church used to teach this.
  • They moved more to “how do you feel about this”?
  • Raising your children to stand in the Truth based on reality.
  • Natural Law and use reasoning!
  • Topics in the book: Getting Kids to Heaven 1. Natural Law 2. Sex Outside of Marriage 3. Same-sex marriage 4. Divorce 5.Contraception 6. Reproductive Technologies 7. Modesty 8.Pornography 9. Transgender Identities 10. Homosexuality
  • What gave me hope that we haven’t lost our minds completely the seatbelt ad “Doesn’t matter who you click with” the seatbelts didn’t add up the male ends and two female ends.
  • Material, Formal, Final and Official
  • Proud mother of 6 boys and 2 girls.
  • Raising Chaste Catholic Men by Leila Miller – stop thinking boys are the same as girls. We want our boys to be Heroes and Knights! We don’t want them to be sweet and innocent.  We want our boys to be protectors and providers that’s the point!
  • Women have a nature, a biological for women to have babies. It is the same with men but it goes on the protective side. They are born with a desire to protect.
  • Mike tells story of Men and young Men standing up when young ladies and women get up from the table and/or open the doors for women.
  • Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak by Leila Miller : this book is endorsed by BishopThomas J. Olmsted
  • Southern Poverty Law Center –
  • Forward on this book is written by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse
  • The Sacrament of Marriage isn’t being taught properly and that is evident by the annulment approval rates. If they had to fill out the annulment questionnaire, there wouldn’t be such a high divorce rate. This needs to be taught BEFORE the marriage to prevent the DIVORCE.
  • Mary’s Advocates –
  • Leila Miller on Facebook
  • Follow her blog Little Catholic Bubble

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HEADLINE: Covington Kids Going To The White House by Hank Berrien

  • The President is offering to fly them to the White House. That is better transportation than Nancy Pelosi.
  • S.E. Cupp when I met her, she had the foulest mouth I had ever heard. She was worse than most men.

HEADLINE: Covington Lawyer Goes Nuclear On Social Media; Creates Big Name “Hit List” For Libel Lawsuits by Clayton Kearns


HEADLINE: NO, No, A Catholic Kid Wearing A MAGA Hat Isn’t Like A Ku Klux Klansman by Sumantra Maitra

HEADLINE Rundown –

MTGA = Make Tractors Great Again


RETURN TO HEADLINE: The Church is Very Sick and in Need of Renewal, and Covington Proves It by Deion A. Kathawa

  • What was his actual crime here? Shaman Shaming?
  • Dialogue Mongers – since 1967 how many souls have you actually converted?





AUDIO/VIDEO: Passion of the Christ: Part 1 of 4

Father ____ version – 49-50 minute mark on Sensus Fidelium YouTube Channel Southern Accent I could listen to it all day.

  • Couldn’t you just be, if you practiced your faith by showing an act of temperance, which I believe Sandmann did, aren’t you attempting to make America Catholic Again?
  • They are STILL demonizing these boys. There are FOX News reporters in front of the CLOSED school.
  • AUDIO: from the Today Show – Nicholas Sandmann he looks and sounds like a scared little teen.


Caller Tom from Arkansas –

HEADLINE: The Mystery of Christian Marriage: Felix & Elisabeth Leseur by K.V. Turley

HEADLINE: Babies Make Families by Grace Emily Stark


HEADLINE: Should We Ban MAGA Hats on the March for Life? by john Zmirak

  • The Pro-Life Movement as Substitute Church – The pro-life movement is a spiritual endeavor. It’s designed to reawaken people to the sanctity and value of human life, and show them God’s plan for all of us. It shouldn’t be divisive. Instead it ought to tap into all that is best in us. It should be all sunshine, puppies, and flowers. That’s the way we change people’s hearts, by being really winsome. Without that, we’ll never end abortion.

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