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Special Guest today MA Taylor director of The Creepy Line – movie about Google

Special Guest today also Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute.

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HEADLINE: CNN Claims SCOTUS ‘Sides with Planned Parenthood’ in Denying Cert by Alexandra Desanctis

  • “Both of these assertions are inaccurate. The Supreme Court didn’t side with Planned Parenthood, nor did it preserve the abortion provider’s funding. It declined to hear the case at all, and the decision not to grant cert took no position on the merits of the case. Claiming that the decision in some way affirmed abortion funding is patently false.”
  • What people don’t know about Medicaid – this is not something administered by the Federal Government. Now they wrote the law but what you don’t know is Congress is basically too busy so they block grant the money and send to state legislatures.
  • The STATE then gets to distribute the money as they see fit.

AUDIO: Elena Kagan Boatload of Federal Money

  • You can apply to be a recipient of this money. (clinics/doctors)
  • It isn’t about abortion at all is what I am getting at there.

Justice Thomas Dissenting – “we this uncertainty by equivocating on whether the standards for implying private rights of action have any “bearing on the standards for discerning whether a statute creates rights enforceable by 1983.”

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HEADLINE: Alexandria De Bergerac by Kyle Smith

  • So Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has hired someone that now officially Tweets for her.
  • I didn’t know our representatives now are so busy they cannot get their own opinions across on social media.
  • I thought she couldn’t even afford an apartment but now she has enough disposable income to hire someone to Tweet for her?
  • Her new name is now AOC!


HEADLINE: Transgender Totalitarians by William Kilpatrick

  • As far as I know, the Ohio and Florida administrators have not yet been treated for their delusional thinking, yet their convictions do fit the standard definition of a delusion—“a false belief or wrong judgment held with conviction despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.”

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 HEADLINE: San Francisco Creates World’s First Ever Transgender Cultural District by Emily Wilson

  • Less than 1% of the entire population actually suffer from Gender Dysphoria so why does California think there needs to be an entire district set aside for transpeople?
  • No one can transition from male to female. You are either born male or female. That is it.
  • We aren’t dissidents of apes either.
  • See how error just creates MORE error?! You have to go back to where the error occurred.
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Back to Headline: HEADLINE: Transgender Totalitarians by William Kilpatrick

  • “Of course, such utopian projects need to be incubated within a totalitarian system. Why? Because only a totalitarian culture or subculture can force people to collude with obvious lies.”
  • What happens if you get a “no go”?

AUDIO: Go Flight Houston

  • Mike got an email asking “Why are you obsessed with transgender people?” “You could be covering so many different things.”
  • You compound the madness with new madness!







Special Guest M.A. (Matt) Taylor director of The Creepy Line

See The Creepy Line using Amazon Prime for free or purchase at iTunes.

  • This movie is about FAANG –
  • We could if we wanted to…spy on you just by clicking our link to the movie. THAT is why we created this movie. We want people to understand just how much they are being watched and monitored.
  • When you use Gmail, Android any of these other platforms, these are DATA performance platforms.
  • They sell your information to advertising companies.
  • YOU are the actual product!
  • Google and FB keep getting caught and they always blame a “glitch” in the system.
  • They do NOT deserve our trust. Any other product malfunctioned this much, you wouldn’t buy it!
  • AUDIO: from The Creepy Line
  • Are you worried Google is going to come after you?
  • They are fighting on so many fronts right now, I think we aren’t on their radar as of yet.
  • They may mess with our trailer or film but that is about it. They have far bigger issues than this little movie.
  • Mike – I have always been an Apple guy so are they less of a threat than Android?
  • ANSWER – it is all about the fundamental business model. They are moving more into cloud services so I’m not saying they won’t move to that. There is still a relationship b/w their customers and their products. Their X isn’t selling, it’s too expensive…this means Apple is at the mercy of US! If I have an issue with Google, I can’t go anywhere! There are NO other options. A lot of these things sit on Google servers!
  • Steve Jobs comes from that era of ‘creating things’.
  • He wanted to spend the entirety of Apple to destroy Google! He absolutely hated Google. He was willing to stop production at Apple to use EVERY resource to destroy Google, no joke.
  • Google, these guys came from Stanford, the government gave them a big boost. They didn’t build anything from scratch. They used government technology as a base.
  • Are you a hot or not platform. That movie was more true than not. What do you expect from a company called “FACEbook”?
  • You can see in these latest with the firms that have been hired to spin fake news stories in an effort to ‘destroy’ Apple and other companies.
  • They have just become CRUEL.
  • I wouldn’t post your babies pictures or anything to Facebook. These people are far crueler than Google.
  • They have the mentality of dominating their users. See but I have a “choice” to use Facebook or not. This is why they use such evil tactics.
  • You can go and delete your Facebook account. Does this actually delete your information? Does it actually remove your sensitive information?
  • ANSWER – they say they delete it within 30 days but there is no way for you to verify that! This is one of the issues I have with them. I have no faith they will willingly delete my information because I ‘asked’ them to.
  • When you have a great app, what happens is a larger company just buys them up.

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Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

Follow Mr. Hichborn here: @MichaelHichborn  @LepantoInst

New report out on Caritas Sweden –

HEADLINE: Caritas Sweden Funds and is Member of Pro-Abortion Organizations by Michael Hichborn

  • So there are many Caritas organizations like Caritas Australia, Caritas Sweden, Catholic Relief Services here in the US. they are run out of National Bishops Conferences.
  • The reach of the organization is based on its income so the U.S. has the largest of course.
  • If you are handed a command and you go, this is not a legitimate command of a Just War, you would then properly refuse that order.
  • The Catholic faithful are coming to a time where we are going to be told you MUST do something that is going to contravene Church teachings what are you going to do?
  • You will have to ignore the order. Not even the Pope has the authority to issue a immoral or contrary to Church teachings so you have to absolutely ignore it.
  • This sends the wrong message. I beg of him not to touch the Our Father.
  • These are words that Jesus Himself gave us. God himself dictated this! It is in the Greek, Aramaic, Latin…so he would be wrong. All 3 languages are very clear about LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION.
  • The 2nd Vatican Council – the nature of little temptations that we endure to carry on through the course of the day to be strengthened when hit with bigger temptations.
  • The fact we are arguing over a line in the Our Father – a) it is forcing Catholics to choose a side without really researching it b) or it is forcing Catholics to dive deeper into why things are the way they are etc.
  • We got the Creed out of the Council of Nicaea.
  • Mike reads from the Liturgical Year book – Book of Isaiah – I could just wipe you out but I’m not going to do it. I’m going to take my son and give him human form to teach you by example.
  • They manipulated the data to give the appearance that one thing can change to another when it absolutely can’t.
  • If animal can become a rational being, then we are all on the path to becoming a cosmic evolutionary Christ.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO from Sensus Fidelium – Exposing the Doppelgänger “Cosmic Christ”
  • Immigration and Open Borders – lets face it, Heaven has gates and a very strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders!
  • The Earth was made for US! It wasn’t out of chance and happenstance. This is why all the elements function the way they do…to benefit us.
  • Hichborn story as a kid – we can do what you do God. We can make a man out of mud of the Earth. God says, go ahead make a person. The scientists started taking dirt to make a man and God says, what are you doing? No No No, go make your own dirt!

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