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Written by on 06/30/2017

Mandeville, LA – The GrandMaster is the highest level of CRUSADE Channel Member/Owner and is modeled on the hero of the Siege of Malta Jean de la Valette; a dashing and accomplished Knight from the order of The Knights of Saint John. From Mike Church’s eBook and Podcast “The Siege Of Malta” we get this description of la Valette’s leadership at Malta

Jean de la Valette

Jean de la Valette

The preparations of the Grand Master were completed. Goza, was garrisoned as well as the fortified Cite Notable in the centre of the island, and a detached force formed under the Marshal Copier of cavalry and infantry to observe the Turks in their descent on the island and advance into its interior. La Valette had convinced himself of the resolution of his Knights assembled in solemn chapter, where all had zealously vowed to die, if necessary, for the holy cause which they defended—the cause of civilization as of christianity. “Thenceforth,” says Vertot, “there was among them no weakness, no division, no individual hatred; and, what is yet more difficult, they broke those tender engagements so dear to the heart of man. Thenceforth no relation with the other sex, however innocent, no view of interest or ambition; a certain peril, and the pros- pect of an almost inevitable death, had revived the abnegation of the world and all the virtues of their predecessors. All these Chevaliers embraced each other with that tender effusion of the heart which
The Crusades charity produces, and all protested with one voice their determination to spend the last drop of their blood for the protection of their order and its al-tars.”

As a thank you for becoming a Grand Master level Member/Owner we’ll send you.

• A hand-drawn stock ownership that grants you 51 shares of VRN common-member stock

• A kitchen cutting board from McClure Tables

• A Mike Church Show polo shirt.

• An autographed – by Mike Church – A box of el Rey Dude Cigars (your choice of Corona, King Corona or Torpedo)

Click Here To Become A Grand Master

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