Joseph Pearce Book Fair Special Appearance – The Mike Church Show

Written by on 03/14/2019

Special Guest Joseph Pearce

Author of so many books we cannot list them all here…but be sure to go to the Founders Tradin’ Post #CatholicCorner for the BIG PEARCE BOOK SALE

  • I am managing to layoff the booze this lent.
  • As my wife will tell you, God has the power of multiplying time.

HEADLINE: Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder? by Joseph Pearce

  • #MiserableLoser
  • QUESTION: Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?
  • “This transcendent aspect of beauty is present to an even greater degree in the primal art of Creation. When we see a sunrise, or leaves washed with sunlight, we know that we are experiencing something beautiful that reflects something that is also good and true. And such knowledge transcends our preferences, prejudices and opinions. This can be illustrated through the employment of an imaginary experiment.”
  • EXAMPLE: “Let’s imagine that we put a Muslim, a Protestant, a Catholic, a Buddhist and an atheist in a field in the middle of the night. Let’s now imagine that we sit them down so that they are all facing east. As dawn approaches, they will see the sky change from black to an indigo shimmering with the barest hint of rose. The rose-coloured hue will then spread across the sky in blushing shades of red. Perhaps they will then see the sun rising above the horizon in resplendent white. Perhaps for a minute or so, as it turns from white to red, they can look straight at it. It is only as the dazzling orb turns to gold that they must avert their gaze. As this magnificent work of art metamorphoses before their eyes all of those present, irrespective of their religious and philosophical preferences and prejudices, will know that they have experienced the kiss of beauty and will be glad. Echoing the words of Peter to Jesus at the Transfiguration they will know that it is good that they are there.”
  • A mid-summer sunrise – beautiful colors from white, to yellow to red.
  • Little bit shocked that at the edge of Georgia there is a jungle or desert.
  • MIKE – I’m taking a college history course through the St. Augustine Institute – The Creation Story.
  • JOSEPH – The order in which the story of creation is told. As we experience the Earth revolving, back then there was no Earth per say so there was no 24 hour day.
  • Our Lady of Walsingham – Caroline Farrow and myself both now have a devotion to her.
  • We can’t always be running around with PigPen dark clouds over our heads.
  • It is our job through the struggles to be a WITNESS.
  • We witness best in adversity!
  • That is when we are the most powerful witness.
  • We gain Heaven through wisdom and grace

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