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I have been a listener of the Mike Church Show for over a decade. There is a lack of Truth in media and the Veritas Radio Network/ Crusade Channel are here to fight FOR the Truth. Mike and his team have been persecuted for their Christian faith just as most of the rest of us have. It’s a blessing from God for VRN to be the voice in the wilderness and everyone should support this mission from God. Please consider foregoing that next value meal and use those few bucks to support VRN. - Tony Boncimino


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For a long time, when you would discuss Catholicism, I would simply ignore it. Then about a year ago, I started to just listen when you discussed your faith. I sincerely believe my ears were tuned-in through the intervention of the Holy Spirit. In short, I can’t explain the feeling I have, but as a confessed Christian, I feel that I am being called to Catholicism. In April, I started my journey to conversion.

Todd Burdette

Founders Pass member since 2014


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It all begins with our dedication to broadcasting LIVE! Talk-radio that is all-original, 24-7-365. The Mike Church Show is LIVE! 5 hours every weekday morning. Then there's the daily Barrett Brief, Reverse Deception Radio, David Simpson's True Money Show and Brother André Marie's Reconquest!

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When we're not busy making the LIVE! Crusade Channel Talk Radio you love, we're writing and producing feature length shows like Ralph Sarchie's Deliver Us From Evil Tapes and Joseph Pearce's The Pearcing Truth. Mike Church has written, produced, narrated and directed over a dozen, full-length features for our On-Demand selections and more are coming!


I’m Mike Church and I am a CRUSADER, join me.

I founded the CRUSADE Channel after 23 years in the Talk-Radio Industry because I was sick of syndicates and satellites... the Talk Radio Mafia. The CRUSADE Channel is the only 24-7-365, all-original content, talk-radio station on earth. Corporate media commercial buys do not drive or control our content, YOU DO with your membership, prayers and support. Join us today and don't just listen to talk radio, CRUSADE with it!

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