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Written by on 11/14/2017


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Episode 478

Mandeville, LA – Helen Reddy Redux via Notre Dame: That Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady – The University of Notre Dame played Miami U. on Saturday in a game billed as “Convicts vs Catholics”. Based on Notre Dame’s behavior and its slandering of its patron’s virginity and purity, Our Lady (that’s what Notre Dame means in French), there were probably more Catholics on the sideline of The U than on Notre Dame’s. As Rachel Lu explains, Notre Dame never intended to oppose Obama’s mandate that they provide contraceptives to their employees, rather they only intended to feign obedience to this Church teaching while allowing their employees and their insurance provider to “choose”.

[Notre Dame’s] administrators are implying that they don’t actually care about contraceptives as such; to them the whole fight was just about a formal principle. It doesn’t actually matter if women use contraceptives, or even if the university is needlessly complicit in their provision. All that matters is that the administrative state not be permitted interfere.

Got that catholic citizen? The most prestigious university on EARTH, that bears the imprimatur of the Holy, VIRGIN mother of Our Lord himself, has no use for Mary’s purity of spirit or body. Lu concludes with a plea to not give up on Notre Dame which I’ll post but stridently disagree with.

For those of us still hoping to avoid a war of all against all, a university like Notre Dame is still worth watching. For decades, Notre Dame has been a reputable research university; it has also been America’s pre-eminent example of a Catholic university.

A “pre-eminent CATHOLIC university” has to be one thing firs, Dr. Lu, then it can be other things that pertain to it: it has to be CATHOLIC. The most reliable and devoutly Catholic, university rating entity is the Cardinal Newman Society. Here are their 2017 rankings of Catholic “reisedntial colleges” note that Notre Dame didn’t even make the list! Someone cue Helen Reddy and begin serious novena prayers for this outrageous slander against Our Lady and her Holy name, given us by St Bernard, to

‘Murican Liberals vs Apocalypto Movie’s Savages, I’ll Take The Savages, They’re More Civilized – I’ve been saying for the last 3 months “the demons are ascendent, they’ve come for the children and they won’t take no for an answer. If you want to see demonic influence on display, witness the Texas courtroom drama that is Whole Woman’s Health vs Paxton. At issue is whether a Planned Parenthood, baby-sacrificing, high-priest has to murder a fetus before he can rip its’ little body to pieces or “dismember” it during an “abortion”. Dr. Anthony Levatino describes in gruesome detail, what a dismemberment abortion at 20 weeks actually entails.

[Levatino] went on to describe a 20-week-old fetus as being about the size of the palm of an adult hand, from fingertip to wrist, “not counting the legs.” A dismemberment abortion, he explained, involves reaching into a woman’s uterus with forceps and “grabbing whatever is there. Maybe you rip off a leg, which is about four-inches long,” then you pull out “an arm, the spine. The skull is the most difficult part. Sometimes there’s a little face staring up at you.” He understandably called it “an absolutely brutal procedure, in which a living human being is torn to pieces.”

The difference between defenders of this savage and vindictive procedure defend it as some kind of “right” and according to their religion, the 1st Church of Enlightenment, it is a right because, by definition, there is no God. At least the MExican savages that Cortes encountered and that Mel Gibson portrayed in the Apocalypto film had Gods they believed they were glorifying when they sacrificed children. What excuse do liberals have other than Moloch whispered in their ear that it was their “right”? Des Cartes, Sarte and Marx aren’t around to do it.

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