• Chad Peterson says:

    I am trying like crazy to find the founding Brother page, no luck

  • bookerdavis says:

    I must be overlooking the selection. I am trying to donate an one time funding donation, but every time I try to check out is states it is a monthly reoccurring charge.

  • bookerdavis says:

    Never mind I found it.

  • ccnyeholt says:

    Mike, I can only see segment 1 of Suzanne’s shows. Where are the rest? Is my account not set up correctly?

  • remnant says:

    I appreciate everything you all at Veritas radio network are doing. Thank you

  • MUQDYA says:

    Mr. Church,

    Would you please send me an invite to join the Crusader Facebook page.

    Thank you very much,


  • Kent V says:

    I have joined to hear the Suzanne Option. Known her for years. I haven’t listened to anyone’s show besides hers yet but I am looking forward too.

    • Nicholas L says:

      Kent, you gotta listen to them all. Then you can decide which shows apply to your goals. Mark Kreslins is great covering the secession issue. KD is great in editorializing on current events. New Doctor Greg Carpenter’s Reverse Deception is unique and BAM’s “Reconquest” for Catholic past and future. #Texit_Now

  • alvelos@nc.rr.com says:

    Hello mike, can you please invite me to the chat room. Very funny experience. I’ve tried several times to find the crusader chat room. I however did not find you but I now have many Muslim friends.I’m just waiting for the anti terrorists unit to show up at my home. Even more comical is that I only joined Facebook to join your chat room.

  • Brian Barrett says:

    My Carillon Sacre Coeur flag arrived today — BEAUTIFUL! Could be wrong but it looks handmade. Will hoist it up the flag pole in the sunlight tomorrow. Perfect Christmas gift to me.

  • Bcarp says:

    The last pod cast I have of reverse deception is Jan. 19th. How do I set up to listen to programs?

    • TheKingDude says:

      We need more info to answer your question. Through what method are you trying to get the Podcast? Through what device? What operating system? RSS feed? Are you saying that using the menu item “SHOWS/Reverse Deception” doesn’t produce a list of the shows in question?

  • William H says:

    How do I find password to log in to premium channel tomorrow on my iPhone App?

  • bpreston says:

    I tried accessing the premium content but have not been able to login, seems I’ve forgotten my password. Would you please help me reset?
    Thank you

  • remnant says:

    Well dogpoop. You lost me. I cannot figure this stuff out. Can’t get things working in any way. Not able to listen. 🙁

  • Joel K says:

    I just joined. I’m glad I found this app.

  • quinnjos says:

    I’m logged in but can’t access the radio. Please help

    • TheKingDude says:

      Logged in where and WHAT radio can’t you access? Please provide more details. The LISTEN arrow at the top right of the page is currently free for the world to listen to.

  • SixShooter says:

    I’m not sure I have enough alcohol on hand for this speech

  • Denny says:

    I am a founder member. It says I am a crusader in training and can’t listen to premium. What does that mean? What do I do next?

  • larryallen says:

    I just happily upgraded to Founding Brother. How do I download the Deliver Us from Evil tapes? What other downloads are now available to me at no additional costs? I drive a lot and like to listen to podcasts etc. keep up the truth✝️ Larry Allen

    • jadechampagne says:

      Larry, Thanks for the upgrade! Most of our On-Demand features are available to Founding Brothers, simply go to the site (do NOT use the app for this yet) and use the On-demand menus to navigate to the content you want, the download links are embedded so only members can see them on the item’s On-Demand page.

  • larryallen says:

    I thought the Brother membership included free downloads? I wanted the Deliver us from evil series but it wants me to pay??

  • Jeffrey H says:

    Where can I find the show archives? I would like to listen to Mr. Carpenter’s dark web show again (it played yesterday)?

    • candacechurch says:

      Dear Jeffrey,
      If you want to hear an older Reverse Deception, simply click the tab SHOWS at the top then scroll down to Reverse Deception. From there you will get a list of all previously played Reverse Deceptions. You can use the ‘search’ bar to search for a specific show. Please feel free to email me any questions you may have directly. Thank you, Candace Church candace@mikechurch.com

  • Jenny S says:

    Have been NOVUS ORDO since birth and Catholic for a year. I discovered the Latin Mass a little over a year ago and thus began my journey of what a Catholic really is. I can not believe how much I’ve been deceived. I am a true product of 70s/80s NOVUS ORDO Private School (won’t call it Catholic school), which means I was completely derailed and ignorant almost my whole adult life. The shame is overwhelming. Since my discovery I have been in search of credible sources (btw…lonely journey). I have listen to you, Mike Church, off and on and today I became a member. Thank you for helping me see. I love many of your Church Doctrines, especially the PAX. Wow, do I learn things. My journey continues and is challenging me in so many ways. I struggle, so good resources are so important for my growth. I am now attending an FSSP Parish, but 2 weeks I was out of town in Colorado Springs and attended St. Patrick’s and I felt I was at a show not a Mass. I saw it in a whole new light!

    • jadechampagne says:

      Jenny, thanks for making our day/week and congratulations on “entering the rabbit hole”. Yes, the journey there can begin lonely but you’ll make plenty of new friends some who will become spiritual advisers and fellow discoverers as well. May we share your story in our station promotions? Have you visited the chatroom for the Mike Church Show? Also, signup for the CRUSADERY Monastery prayer list and let Mellissa know that you’re on the journey so she can add you to the list, email them: crusadermonastery@crusadechannel.com

      God bless and welcome!

    • Todd Chaddon says:

      Jenny, I share the story, and thank you for sharing! Perhaps I will run into you at IC in Security. Fr. G. is the best!

  • Kelly says:

    Followed directions but when linked to password nothing happens?

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