Manchester Madness: Diocese Chooses Cult of Death Over Real Catholic Culture – CJ Doyle Interview

Written by on 06/13/2019

Special Guest Joe Doyle from Catholic Action League

Catholic Medical Center

  • 3rd time in 20 years the diocese is trying to merge this hospital w/ another entity that doesn’t respect the sanctity of life.
  • They are the #1 provider of abortion!
  • They do envirtofertilization, chemical abortions, direct sterilizations, transgender reassignment surgeries etc
  • These things go 100% against everything Catholics stand for.
  • Ethical and Religious Directives will be observed according to the Bishop and Diocese of Manchester.
  • This is a fig leaf to provide cover for the hierarchy.
  • We have seen this bait and switch before here in Boston.
  • They cared for the Muslims that were injured, speaking of the Knights. This is where the term hospital came from.
  • Read the Press Release here: Oppose Merger of Catholic Medical Center with Pro-Death Secular Hospital
  • The Catholic Community NEEDS Catholic hospitals!
  • “Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus” – St. Benedict Center
  • So b/c of their Catholic Tradition they are being persecuted. They aren’t going after the Catholic schools that are promoting LGBTQ.
  • I implore you to go to the site and donate today! They need help to fight this battle. They can no longer have their Sunday or daily Masses, they are being deprived of their Catholic rights!
  • The liberal secular media, the anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center…this is who the Diocese of Manchester has aligned themselves with, NOT the St. Benedict Center.
  • We need to put an end to some of these usurious actions.
  • Tucker Carlson talked about her the other day. On cultural and moral issues she is on the wrong side.

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