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Mandeville, LA – Celeste Youngblood anchors CRUSADE Channel News every weekday and is the author of each newscast’s “Celestial Musings”. Celeste lives in Northern VA with her husband and 9 beautiful children. Got a news tip for CRUSADE Channel Newsdesk? Email Celeste Now.

Christopher Warshauer has been a CRUSADE Channel producer since February 2016 and also now manages the on-air operations for the CRRUSADE Channel as well. Christopher is a native of Mississippi and graduated from University of Southern Mississippi in 2013.

Candace Church has been with our parent company, BlackHat Studios since 2009 and has managed the company’s online store, The Founder’s Tradin’ Post ever since. Now Candace takes on her biggest challenge yet, managing our Founder’s Pass member services and providing tech support as well. Candace is a graduate of McNeese University, is a native of […]


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