Michael Hichborn Interview – Cardinal Dolan Shown Up By Fox and Friends – The Mike Church Show

Written by on 01/29/2019

Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

The Miracle That Happened To My Family: (3 miracles)

  • 8 years ago my first child was born.
  • She is our only water born baby!
  • The mid-wife is holding her in her arms etc the natural inclination is not to cry out b/c the water feels like still being in the womb.
  • The Faithful always have recourse.
  • I don’t’ profess to have any greater faith than anyone else.
  • Cardinal Dolan – when I see things like this, I have to wonder what kind of faith they have.
  • I am no Saint but I try to imitate the ones that have come before me. – Hichborn
  • The Blessed Eucharist by Father
  • Hichborn reads excerpt from book –
  • If you receive unworthily, you are damning yourself.
  • Cuomo said it was okay, then the authority over him says nothing…then there is no crime right?
  • No penalty, no crime!
  • If a child in class acts up, the other students look to the teacher to see if there is any action taken. If there isn’t, the students will emanate the same behavior as the ‘bad’ student.
  • Mainstream media is out there wanting to know what the Catholic Church is going to do about these things.
  • Blessed are those who suffer these persecutions for My name.

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