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  • MrWAF1967 says:

    I joined as a founders pass member in November of 2015, why am I denied access to the chatroom??????

  • jayster4 says:

    Agreed. I have issues obtaining access to lots of content and features as a long time member… sigh. I’m a savvy computer user and would love to help Mike and the gang improve things… maybe when I can afford the time.

    • jadechampagne says:

      Jay what content is not displaying correctly and denying you access? Can you be specific? The download counter shows 38,000 this month so I know the site is working for most. Thanks

  • rohlwithit says:

    i wish to have a password for the Veritas radio network app on my iPhone. The link for supposedly getting that password brought me here and ther e is a notice saying I do not have access. Please explain if you can. ds

    • TheKingDude says:

      Brother Shipp,
      I repaired the permissions on your account and confirmed that I can login as you and see all content you are all set til next March 28th! Sorry for the errant assignment, brother.


  • John Pearson says:

    Help, I cannot get my premium membership password to listen to the commercial free broadcast, I can only hear the preview hour. : (

  • Drop20151 says:

    I also cannot get the premium membership password, I’ve requested this before I was redirected to this page again and still the same thing, no access, I’m like a dog chasing it own tail.

    • TheKingDude says:

      I’m sorry for your troubles but the page you are looking for is a prominent part of our website’s home page.Here is a screenshot of the homepage There, clearly, in GIANT RED TYPE, prompts visitors to go to the page linked and obtain the password. It is customary for website members to visit the site’s homepage, that’s why we placed the link there. Here is the link in case the homepage doesn’t load for you:

    • TheKingDude says:

      See below for explanation.

  • larryallen says:

    I get an error message saying I am not logged in when trying to access the premium channel. I am logged in I think I need to update my payment credit card for founders pass. Larry Allen.

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