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HEADLINE: Without Action Now, Drug-Resistant Diseases May Create Pandemics by Nicole Fisher 

  • “In the United States, antimicrobial resistance causes more than 2 million infections and 23,000 deaths per year—the equivalent of a Boeing 747 crashing each week.”
  • God created diseases for a reason.
  • We are messing around with it in a manner that is NOT complimentary with natural laws.











Mike Gives Observations of LSU Graduation – 

  • This young man kept asking to see the photos after they were taken.
  • He actually asked “do my lips look thin in this one?”
  • LSU stats –
  • over 90% of the graduating class were female
  • only 12 out of the 200+ graduates had jobs waiting for them
  • 1st for the most female graduates
  • 1st for the most Hispanic graduates
  • 1st for the most military graduates
  • So all of those 200+ now have $50,000-$100,000 in college student loan debt and NO way to pay it back. Most of them are going to continue to wait tables and bartend.
  • We are virtually assured without Asian, Muslim and Hispanic fertility rates, America is doomed.
  • So what has happened now?
  • Mike’s Challenge to his daughter – try running a boutique that has conservative clothing.
  • Modesty is beautiful.






HEADLINE: The New Primitives by William Kirkpatrick 

  • We have reached the ‘anything goes’ stage in history.
  • When a man ceases to believe in God, observed Chesterton, he becomes capable of believing in anything.
  • Science is screwed up today b/c it treats evolution as if it is everything.
  • From The Mike Church Show Chatroom: To hell with Co Ed college. It is impossible for young men to focus when there are a bunch of scantily clad bimbos walking around ready to put out at a moments notice. No wonder men do worse grade wise in school then women.
  • There is a reason why convents and monasteries are segregated. 
  • You cannot have a prayer life if you have mixed boys and girls.
47m  HEADLINE: Sen. Kamala Harris: As President, I Would Use Executive Orders For Stricter Gun Control If Congress Doesn’t Act by Chris Morran

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 HEADLINE: The Race to Limit Abortion Access by Maya Salam

  • The killing of the unborn is made legal by governmental acts.
  • Nationally speaking it has always been done through the courts.
  • “This week, Georgia and Alabama have made moves to restrict access to the procedure. Alabama’s is one of the most aggressive ever in the U.S., aiming to criminalize abortion.”















Special Guest Robert Colquhoun

40 Days of Life

Follow Robert here: @Loveundefiled @40daysforlife

  • over 1 million volunteers in the 40 Days For Life campaign
  • 100 abortion centers closed that had prayer vigils outside of them.
  • A little history of 40 Days For Life – What are the roots of the organization?
  • 1998 started in Texas, in a University town. Planned Parenthood opened one of their first centers. University of Texas A&M.
  • 40 days comes from the 40 days our Lord spent in the desert.
  • 12 years as a formal organization.
  • The International Director for 40 Days for Life.
  • Stats from the site: 800,000 VOLUNTEERS – 16,003 LIVES SAVED and much more.
  • We have a history of Catholicism. We have left it behind us with thinking we can do better without it. We are slowly coming back around though.
  • Charterhouse in London – 

HEADLINE: Coca-Cola, Ford and Xerox: We No Longer Donate to Planned Parenthood Abortion Business by Chelsea Scism 

  • David is in the 4th year of being in torture for his video tapping of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts.
  • This is what Robert means by this is a spiritual battle here.
  • Thanks to K.V. Turley for making this introduction.
  • Would love to give you updates on the conference!
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QUESTION: How many of you are old enough to remember the Hairdresser Madge? 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Palmolive ad with Madge “You’re Soaking in It” 1967

  • We are not worthy of redemption. 
  • Society-wise we simply are not worthy of redemption.


BACK TO HEADLINE: The New Primitives by William Kirkpatrick 

  • “The mumbo-jumbo ideology of transgenderism can only survive if it is backed by state power.”







Special Guest Mandel Kramer – host of Mystery Theatre on Mystery Monday

  • He tells you all the trivia etc about each episode. 
  • #RadioClassics
  • Madge the Palmolive – she has history in old time radio
  • Boston Blackie – TV Series 1951-1953
  • 2 Episodes of Johnny Dollar playing tonight.
  • Sherlock Holmes is playing The Adventure of the Speckled Band and Purloined Ruby. It takes place in 1909 which really is long after most Sherlock Holmes episodes took place. He kinda’ comes out of retirement for this.
  • The reference of purloined is a reference to Edgar Allen Poe.
  • He truly invented the modern detective stories.
  • The Purloined Letter – 
 AUDIO/VIDEO: Freedom Commercial in Johnny Dollar 

  • This was transmitted nationwide!
BACK TO HEADLINE: The New Primitives by William Kirkpatrick
Golden Truth Ticket Winner – Bart Swarr

  • Today is your lucky day #6!
  • I am close to needing a new car but I will most likely pay it forward.
BACK TO HEADLINE: The New Primitives by William Kirkpatrick 

  • This is why it is so important to create your own little communities.
  • The only way forward is the local Christian way.

Social Media and your Neighbors – 

Neighbors with cameras on their homes.

HEADLINE: Dispatch From Cop Planet by Rod Dreher

  • This woman reported another women b/c she was eating on the Metro.
  • Twitter kicked a Doctor off b/c he mentioned Gender Dysphoria being a mental condition/disorder.
  • Suicide rate is over 40% but no one is willing to help them.

HEADLINE: Female Trans Powerlifter Stripped Of Women’s Championship Titles by Emily Zanotti

 HEADLINE: Supreme Court May Allow User Lawsuits Against Apple For Jacking Up App Prices by Kevin Daley

  • This is interstate commerce. 
  • Under the interstate commerce clause – someone does have the Constitutional authority to sue.

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