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Winchester, VA – Oakes Spalding of Manhound’s Paradise has drawn attention to an event occuring in Chicago on Friday in which Cardinal Blase Cupich will host a “Conversation” with Julia Stasch, president of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. For $28, attendees can come listen to the two address the topic of “Chicago, Violence […]

Winchester, VA – Jihad Watch reports that over 50 Christians were massacred yesterday in Anambra State, Nigeria, at Saint Philip’s Catholic Church. The Daily Post reported that the latest information indicated that the gunmen were seeking a drug baron, and were told that he had gone to church. Upon arriving at St. Philips and finding the […]

Winchester, VA – Crux is reporting that Father Paul Shanley, the priest at the center of the Catholic Church’s sex abuse crisis, is set to be released from prison on Friday after having completed a 12 year sentence. Some of his former victims gathered together to give statements of concern to the media and to ask […]

Winchester, VA – Crux is reporting on an interview they held with Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, in which he describes the new trajectory in which he is leading the Academy. Paglia is taking a missionary approach to the PAL, viewing the church as a field-hospital which goes throughout the […]

Winchester, VA – The Gatestone Institute is reporting that the future of the Cathedral of Córdoba is in doubt. A Christian basilica for hundreds of years before Muslims  destroyed it and turned it into the Great Mosque of Cordoba in 714, it was re-consecrated after the reconquest under King Ferdinand III in 1523. Muslims have long-eyed […]

Winchester, VA – UPI is reporting that according to a report by investigator and attorney Ulrich Weber, 547 cases of abuse were documented at the Regensberger Domspatzen Catholic choir school between 1945 and 2015. 67 of the 547 cases involved sexual abuse. The other abuses which took place were corporal in nature, such as ear-twisting and […]

Winchester, VA – Catholic daily journal La Croix is reporting that Munich’s Cardinal Reinhard Marx, head of the German bishops’ conference and a close advisor to Pope Francis, declared in an interview on July 14 that the Church should be less concerned about the legalization of homosexual marriage in Germany and more concerned about the Church […]

Winchester, VA – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI seems to be reflecting on the critical situation of the Catholic Church as of late. One Peter Five reports that at the funeral of Cardinal Joachim Meisner, the Pope Emeritus likened the church to a threatened barque in one part of his message, which was read by his Personal […]

Winchester, VA – La Stampa has revealed that new testing done upon the Shroud of Turin has revealed that the cloth was used to cover a man who endured multiple traumatic injuries. Nanoparticles on a pristine fiber extracted from the shroud around the left foot were studied using electron microscopy, and revealed high levels of ferritin […]

Bai MacFarlane is the founder of Mary’s Advocates, an organization which helps Catholics use Canon law to help prevent the unilateral breakup of their marriages. In an interview on The Mike Church Show yesterday, Bai explained how, despite Canon Law being clear on the issue, her organization was prohibited from receiving an imprimatur for a […]


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