Winchester, VA – Swedish freelance journalist Peter Imanuelson reports that on Friday, a Home Education Bill petitioned by the Labour Party passed the second stage in the House of Lords. This bill will severely restrict homeschooling in the United Kingdom. An article ran in the Telegraph on Friday which explained that homeschooling in the UK is […]

Winchester, VA – Today we open on the education front with a story sent by a listener. The College Fix is reporting that Utah Valley University is, like other colleges, implementing policies disciplining students for expressing unpopular opinions. The deans office circulated a letter to all faculty, entitled, “Recognizing and Responding to Students of Concern.” While […]

Winchester, VA – Colleges and Universities nationwide are commencing their fall semesters and as Maribeth Harper will tell you, it is a time of great anxiety for mothers as they consider the academic challenges and social pressures their children will face in the collegiate environment. Maribeth Harper is a member of the organization Praying College Moms, […]

Winchester, VA – Todd Starnes is reporting that John Handley High School in Winchester, Virginia has sent a letter to parents announcing that the selection of students for advanced placement and honors courses will from now on be based in part on race. The letter states, “Through our collective work, advanced classes such as AP and […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, CSC media group reports that University of Georgia STEM professor Rick Watson – STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math—is allowing students who feel stressed out, or think that their class performance is inferior, to not only opt out of group projects and leave student groups, but is […]

Winchester, VA – CNN reports that concerns about race being an issue in regards to college acceptance are growing. For example, although the majority of Harvard’s incoming freshman class identifies as non-white, they are being sued for anti-Asian discrimination. One man spoke to CNN about the drastic measures he took to assure acceptance into medical school. […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, The College Fix is reporting that the University of California at Berkeley uninvited famed atheist Richard Dawkins from giving a talk about his new collection of essays entitled Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist. Now, while I’m no fan of Dawkins, the reason why he […]

Winchester, VA – The student body of Youngstown State University is circulating a petition seeking to close the on-campus Chick-Fil-A and replace it with another fast-food establishment. They claim that because the Chick-Fil-A is the only place to get meals in the evenings, the on-campus experience of gays and lesbians is negatively impacted. Emmett Ray, the […]

Winchester, VA – Universities are increasingly suspending and firing people for their activities on social media. Two instances of this crossed the News Desk this week. First, the Miami Herald reports that a 21 year old University of Central Florida student named Nick Lutz was suspended after he posted on Twitter an emotional four page letter […]

Winchester, VA – Campus Reform reports that last year’s Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’s Annual Report on U.S. Attitudes towards Socialism revealed that 53% of Americans below the age of 35 are disillusioned with capitalism and are receptive to the idea of a socialist United States of America. 45% of young Americans in the same poll […]


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