Winchester, VA – The New York Post reports that the Ohio execution of Alva Campbell, was called off yesterday after an unsuccessful attempt. Campbell had faked paralysis decades ago before overpowering a police officer, stealing his gun, carjacking an 18 year old, and driving with him for hours before shooting the boy in the head as […]

Winchester, VA – Two stories of arrests were in the news yesterday. One tragic, one bizarre. UPI reports that 2 human traffickers, identified by the Guardian as Al Mabrouc Wisam Harar from Libya, and Mohamed Ali Al Bouzid of Egypt, were arrested after the boats of the at least 150 people they were trafficking sank. Among […]

Winchester, VA – Yesterday we reported on the story of two women who had been rescued by the Navy after their planned 18 day trip from Hawaii to Tahiti turned into a 5 month adventure adrift at sea. The women, Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava, met in late December 2016 and decided almost immediately to make […]

Winchester, VA – Just breaking in the last hour is news that Facebook has experienced worldwide outages this morning. The Daily Caller reports that the social media giant was registering 2,000 outage reports every twenty minutes, according to Facebook’s outage reporter. Some of the areas experiencing the outages were the United States, Canada, Turkey, India, Russia, […]

Winchester, VA – They say celebrities go in threes…Last week we saw the passings of Hugh Hefner and Monty Hall. CNN reports that famed rocker Tom Petty passed away in Los Angeles at 8:40pm last night at the age of 66. He had been rushed to the hospital after having been found unconscious in full cardiac […]

Winchester, VA – Fox Business reported yesterday that new U.S. single-family home sales plunged 9.4% in July. Sales are now at their lowest point in the last seven months. This spells potential trouble when combined with a market where there is a lack of homes for sale, and in which housing prices are rising, it is […]

Winchester, VA – Yesterday, for the first time in 99 years, darkness swept across the United States as a solar eclipse made its way from the west coast to the east coast. The first viewers of the spectacle were in Oregon, who saw it at just after 9am Pacific time. The Daily Mail reported that it […]

Winchester, VA – Famed comedic actor Jerry Lewis has died at the age of 91. Born Joseph Levich in 1926 to Russian Jewish immigrants. He was a performer from his youth and at the tender age of 5 and would perform on stage alongside his parents.  Later on he would team up with singer Dean Martin, […]

Winchester, VA – The Daily Mail is reporting on a study that was done by the INSEAD Business School and the University of Bonn which explored what happens in the brain when people taste what they believe is cheap wine, and what happens when they taste what they believe is expensive wine. 30 participants lay in […]

Winchester, VA – The Associated Press reports that Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency in New Orleans yesterday. A week ago flash flooding from excessive rains overwhelmed the city’s pumping system and left neighborhoods flooded out. City residents are still upset about how the city handled last week’s flooding.  CRUSADE Channel News is […]


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