Mandeville, LA – We are committed to continuing our LIVE news coverage of Hurricane Irma and all other natural disaster events including the earthquake in Mexico and the solar flares. LISTEN to our LIVE broadcast in progress here. Post news concerning Irma and chat with our News Team here. Get the latest maps and projections from […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, we consider how catastrophic events often bring out the best, and worst, in people. ABC News reports that fake Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have been going house to house in the Houston area, telling people to evacuate, and then proceeding to enter the homes and loot them. For […]

Winchester, VA – The Associated Press reports that a sad scene unfolded at a nursing home in Port Arthur, TX yesterday as rising floodwaters forced the home’s residents to undergo evacuation. Residents were being wheeled through water so high it immersed the baseboards, patients were stranded in hallways, in beds and recliners, and others were seen […]

More Podesta emails were released today. The depth of deception is immeasurable.

Brandon Eich was pushed out of polite society for supporting natural marriage. Now, he’s back with a new internet browser.

The benefits afforded to corporations looking to cloak themselves with the authority of think tanks are strikingly evident, according to a review of documents from more than a dozen institutions. Drafts of the studies have been shared with donors whose opinions have then helped shape final reports. Donors have outlined how the resulting scholarship will be used as part of broader lobbying efforts. The think tanks also help donors promote their corporate brands, as Brookings does with JPMorgan Chase, whose $15.5 million contribution is the largest by a private corporation in the institution’s history. Despite these benefits, corporations can write off the donations as charitable contributions.

Before every race Ledecky, a faithful Catholic, offers a Hail Mary. “I do say a prayer – or two – before any race. The Hail Mary is a beautiful prayer and I find that it calms me.” she said.

‘Muricah’s media industrial complex and political industrial complex are in “psychic shock” over Trump’s popularity.

Brad Thor has it all wrong when he states that Islam needs a reformation. You can’t reform a heresy.

The attack in Nice, France is an event Muslims believe is part of their holy war. Is it any surprise that it occurred on Bastille Day, the holiday celebrating the establishment of the new French secular republic?


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