Winchester, VA – Born in 1542, Juan de Yepes Y Alvares was a descendent of Jewish converts to Christianity. He lost his father at the age of three, and reduced to even greater poverty, his older brother at the age of 5 from malnourishment. He was educated by the Jesuits, whose order was very new at […]

Winchester, VA – Born around 283 in Syracuse, Lucy’s story is not that different from other early Christian female martyrs of the early Church. It is said she was born of a rich and noble family, and lost her father young. She consecrated herself to God, unbeknownst to her ill mother, who, seeking to protect Lucy, […]

Winchester, VA – Born around 675 in Damascus in the time of the Umayyad Caliphate, John was a polymath, or a Renaissance man of sorts, whose specialties included law, theology, philosophy and music.  He is believed to have been bilingual, and had enough familiarity with the Koran to deliver a harsh criticism of it. He was […]

Winchester, VA – According to tradition, St. Andrew was born in Bethsaida, on the Sea of Galilee, around 6 B.C.,the brother of Simon Peter, and the son of Jonah. The Gospel of John states that Andrew was led to follow Jesus due to the testimony of John the Baptist, whose disciple he was. Andrew recognized Jesus […]

Winchester, VA – Giovanniello Fasani was born on August 6, 1891 in Foggia, then part of the Kingdom of Naples. He studied under the Conventual Franciscans and later joined the order, taking the names of Francis and Anthony at his profession at a mere 15 years of age. He would study theology in Agnone and at […]

Winchester, VA – Born around 700 in Ireland, Vergilius came from a noble family and was named the Abbot of Aghaboe. He was referred to as the Geometer because of his extensive knowledge of geography. While en route to the Holy Land around 745, Vergilius settled in France and ended up being an advisor to Pippin […]

Winchester, VA – Born in 1842 in Roszkowa Wola, Poland, Franciszka was the oldest child of Polish nobles Adolf Adam Siedliska and his wife Cecilia Marianna Morawska. Her early religious formation was lacking, but she came under the tutelage of a zealous Franciscan Capuchin named Leander Lendzian, who prepared her to receive her First Communion at […]

Winchester, VA – Michaelina Hordashevska was born in 1869 in current-day Ukraine, a member of the Ukrainian Catholic Rite. At 18, she began to consider a vocation to the contemplative religious life. Under spiritual direction of a Basilian monk, she took a private vow of chastity for three years. Her spiritual director, Father Jeremiah Lomnytsky, suggested to […]

Winchester, VA – Born in 1256 in Germany, Gertrude was enrolled in the Cistercian monastery school of Helfta in Saxony at the tender age of four. She was taken care of by the younger sister of the abbess, who had great influence on her, and went on to join the Benedictine order at Helfta. At 25, […]

Winchester, VA – Theodore the Tyro was a Roman soldier who served under the emperor Maximian between the third and fourth centuries. Born in Pontus, he concealed his faith, for at that time Christianity could very well mean a death sentence and Theodore did not yet feel God calling him to this holy end. As the […]


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