Winchester, VA – Born in 1256 in Germany, Gertrude was enrolled in the Cistercian monastery school of Helfta in Saxony at the tender age of four. She was taken care of by the younger sister of the abbess, who had great influence on her, and went on to join the Benedictine order at Helfta. At 25, […]

Winchester, VA – Theodore the Tyro was a Roman soldier who served under the emperor Maximian between the third and fourth centuries. Born in Pontus, he concealed his faith, for at that time Christianity could very well mean a death sentence and Theodore did not yet feel God calling him to this holy end. As the […]

Winchester, VA – Today is the Feast of the Holy Relics. On this day we venerate and give thanks to God for the gift of these sacramentals which bring us comfort and motivation. The power of a relic comes not from the actual flesh and blood or DNA material it contains, but from the spirit which […]

Winchester, VA – Today is All Soul’s Day. On this day we commemorate those who have died in the grace of God, thereby avoiding Hell, but have not yet reached the perfection of soul that entry into Heaven requires. Unlike those in Heaven, whom we call the Church Triumphant, and those on earth, whom we call […]

Winchester, VA – Isaac Jogues was born in January 1607 in Orleans, France, into a middle class family, the fifth of nine children. From the age of 10 he attended Jesuit schools, and at 17 entered the Jesuit novitiate. His Jesuit community had a strong missionary spirit and were working hard at evangelizing New France. He […]

Winchester, VA – Born in Genoa in 1881 to a middle class family in Genoa, Maria Giovanna Fasce received confirmation of her call to religious life after attending the canonization of St. Rita of Cascia by Pope Leo XIII. Maria’s family was not so receptive to her religious vocation. She was accepted into the Order of […]

Winchester, VA – Saint Denis was a bishop of Paris in the third century who was martyred with his companions Rusticus and Eleutherius. There are different accounts his story. According to one account by the poet Venantius Fortunatus, he was sent from Italy to Gaul to evangelize the peoples and settled on the Ile de la […]

Winchester, VA – Wenceslaus was born around the year 907 in Prague, the son of Duke Vratislaus I. When Wenceslaus became of age, he assumed control of the government from his mother, who was regent, and placed the duchy of Bohemia under the protection of Germany. He reintroduced the Latin rite of Christianity to the area, […]

Winchester, VA – Born in 1581 in Gascony, France, to peasant farmers, Vincent was a smart child, but he was required to work as the herder of his family’s livestock. His father would go on to sell his oxen to finance Vincent’s seminary education at 15.  Vincent’s goal in becoming a priest was to become successful, […]

Winchester, VA – We hear their names every time the first Eucharistic Prayer is said during Mass… Lawrence, Chrysogonus, John and Paul, Cosmas and Damian… Just who are “Cosmas and Damian”? Cosmas and Damian were born in Arabia in the third century. They were twins, both physicians, who worked in Syria. They reportedly would accept no […]


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