Winchester, VA – Forbes reports that scientists are predicting an uptick in the amount of large earthquakes throughout the world during 2018. This is why: Earth’s rotation follows a cyclical pattern, and slows down for a few milliseconds each day, then speeds up again. Scientists now believe that this slowdown in the earth’s rotation is related […]

Winchester, VA – Hurricane Nate made landfall in southeastern Louisiana late Saturday night, and then again in Biloxi, Mississippi on early Sunday morning as a Category 1 hurricane.  It was the first hurricane to make landfall in Mississippi since Katrina in 2005. The Associated Press reports that over 100,000 residents in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida […]

Winchester, VA – Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico yesterday, having made landfall near Yabucoa at 6:15a.m. as a Category 4 hurricane.  By 8:00 p.m. last night, Maria had weakened to a Category 2 hurricane, but once over the open waters, it restrengthened to a Category 3. Right now, Maria is a category 3 hurricane, with […]

Winchester, VA – Florida is trying to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Irma swept through the state with a fury this past weekend. Some airports are open for business, and curfews are being lifted. Figures of how many are going without power abound, with the Weather Channel saying 60% of the state, and the Associated […]

Winchester, VA – Tropical Storm Irma, which has left 6.9 million without power, tore through Georgia and South Carolina yesterday with storm surge, heavy rains, flash flooding, and tornadoes. It was the first time in history that Atlanta was under a tropical storm warning.  Three Georgia residents and one South Carolinian were reported killed due to […]

Mandeville, LA – We are committed to continuing our LIVE news coverage of Hurricane Irma and all other natural disaster events including the earthquake in Mexico and the solar flares. LISTEN to our LIVE broadcast in progress here. Post news concerning Irma and chat with our News Team here. Get the latest maps and projections from […]

Winchester, VA – And now an update on Hurricane Irma. As of 8 A.M. Atlantic Standard Time this morning, Irma’s maximum sustained windspeed had dropped slightly to 180 mph and the eye of the storm was moving west-northwestward off the northern coast of Hispaniola at 17 mph, headed for the Turk and Caicos Islands. It is […]


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