Winchester, VA – Zero Hedge is reporting that over 10,000 text messages which were exchanged between FBI veteran agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page, investigators on the Russia probe and the Clinton email scandal, were handed over to Congress yesterday evening and were made public. Strzok and Page were having an extramarital affair while […]

Winchester, VA – Ectopia cordis is a condition in which a baby’s heart grows outside the body while in utero. Babies with this condition have a less than 10% chance of survival. The Guardian reports that one baby, Vanellope Hope Wilkins is defying those odds, and is the first baby in the U.K. to do so. […]

Winchester, VA – RT is reporting that the former president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has been assassinated by Houthi rebels. A picture of the ex-president, apparently dead,  with a wound to the head IS displayed online. Saleh had formed an alliance with the Houthi rebels, but that alliance broke down on last week when he […]

Winchester, VA – RT reports that North Korea fired a ballistic missile yesterday, which flew nearly 600 miles for about 50 minutes and at an altitude of almost 2,800 miles before it landed in the Sea of Japan. The first to report on the launch were South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, and President Donald Trump […]

Winchester, VA – PJ Media is reporting that ISIS is threatening an attack on Times Square in New York City over the Christmas holidays. The terror group released a poster on their social media of Santa Claus overlooking Times Square at night with a case of dynamite next to him, the streets rife with people. The […]

Winchester, VA – UPI is reporting that nearly 100,000 people have been told to evacuate the Indonesian island of Bali, whose volcano, Mount Agung, is spewing ash 9,800 feet into the atmosphere. The volcano’s explosions are said to be audible over seven miles away. Fox News reports that a reddish-yellow glow in the ash plumes reflects […]

Winchester, VA – The demons, coming for the children in the UK on another front, are using the UK equivalent of the Girl Scouts, called the Girl Guides, to assault girls during their most personal moments of self-care — in the shower. The Girl Guides official guidance is now instructing leaders to permit boys who identify […]

Winchester, VA – Swedish freelance journalist Peter Imanuelson reports that on Friday, a Home Education Bill petitioned by the Labour Party passed the second stage in the House of Lords. This bill will severely restrict homeschooling in the United Kingdom. An article ran in the Telegraph on Friday which explained that homeschooling in the UK is […]

Winchester, VA – The Telegraph is reporting that North Korea is banning fun in the wake of continued international crackdown over its nuclear weapons program. The South Korean news agency Yonhap revealed that during a closed-door briefing to South Korean parliamentarians by their National Intelligence Bureau yesterday, a new  system was described as already in place […]


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