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Winchester, VA – Puerto Rico is still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Maria and Reuters reports that the hospitals in the U.S. territory are in dire condition, flooded, full of rubble and dependent upon diesel generators to keep power running. Armed guards are having to accompany fuel deliveries to the hospital because of the fear […]

Winchester, VA – Reuters reports that Germany went to the polls this weekend and based on exit-polling results, appears to have re-elected  German Chancellor Angela Merkel for a fourth term.  Her Christian Democratic Union party picked up 33% of votes, rendering them the largest faction in parliament. Merkel, however has to form a 2-way coalition, which […]

Winchester, VA – Mexico City continues to dig out from the 7.1 magnitude earthquake which rattled the city and has claimed a confirmed 318 lives to date. CNN reports that on Saturday, two more earthquakes struck Mexico, 275 miles southeast of Mexico City in Oaxaca state. These earthquakes were centered roughly in between the locations of […]

Winchester, VA – NBC News reports that yesterday evening President Trump unveiled new travel restrictions into the United States by citizens of eight countries. Five of the six original countries involved in the previous travel ban still have restrictions upon them—Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. Restrictions have been lifted on Sudan, and have now been […]

Winchester, VA – The Washington Times reports that ISIS has changed its battlefield tactics to guerrilla warfare as a result of having lost their territory in Iraq and Syria to the efforts of the United States and Russian backed forces. In their recent official Al Naba publication was an article entitled, “How Do We Fight Under […]

Winchester, VA – Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico yesterday, having made landfall near Yabucoa at 6:15a.m. as a Category 4 hurricane.  By 8:00 p.m. last night, Maria had weakened to a Category 2 hurricane, but once over the open waters, it restrengthened to a Category 3. Right now, Maria is a category 3 hurricane, with […]

Winchester, VA – Hurricane Maria strengthened into a Category 5 hurricane yesterday and last night made landfall on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean. Many of the islands that were impacted by Hurricane Irma are going to be affected by Hurricane Maria as well.  As of now here are the latest stats on the hurricane: […]

Winchester, VA – Yesterday we reported on mass evacuations which took place in Russia after fake bomb threats were phoned in to various locales. At the time of yesterday’s broadcast, the number evacuated was 10,000. The Guardian reports that over 100,000 people ended up being evacuated from dozens of locations all around Moscow. The Independent reports […]

Winchester, VA – The fight to recapture Marawi City from Islamic rebels has been raging on for three and a half months. ISIS has been hoping to establish a foothold in the Philippines. Marawi is virtually a ghost town now, only empty shells of buildings left. Since the fighting began in May, almost 800 people have […]

Winchester, VA – Opening our news day is a report from Australia’s ABC News which reveals that South Korea has released videos as proof of having conducted a live-fire drill for an advanced air-launched cruise missle. This missile increases South Korea’s ability to conduct a pre-emptive strike upon North Korea in the event of an escalation […]


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