Canada is exploding to capacity with Muslim migrants

Written by on 08/08/2017

Winchester, VA – The Rebel is reporting that last Monday, around 500 border jumpers crossed into Canada through Quebec via an illegal border crossing, and in the following 48 hours another 300 illegal aliens also entered by the same route. Quebec officials claim that its province is taking in 200 illegal immigrants per day. Back in April, when the Rebel was at the Roxham Road border crossing, they saw 15-20 illegals crossing over per day, and that has since become the hourly rate of crossing. What was at one time a plain pavement intersection with a couple of Canadian police cruisers and a small ditch has become a dumping ground for the ever-so-respectful illegal aliens, who toss their diapers, broken luggage, and even discarded prophylactics wherever they will. One curious aspect of this migrant influx is the amount of police presence at the crossing which is triple what it was in April, and the two vehicles which run 24 hours. The police are there to process the illegals coming in, not keep them out; the shuttle bus takes them to the Olympic stadium in Montreal, and the cube van takes along their luggage. The aforementioned ditch is no longer a concern as the taxpayers have paid for a land bridge to assist the migrants in breaking their national laws. In their observations of crossing migrants, The Rebel reports that for every 25 migrants, only 8 of them were women or children. The predominance of migrants in April were coming in from Eritrea, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, but now seem to be mostly hailing from Haiti.


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