Hey Nancy—make your parents proud.

Written by on 07/13/2017


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Winchester, VA – In Celestial Musings, let’s talk about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. KTVU reporter Ken Wayne was talking to Mrs. Pelosi on Tuesday about her rise in politics:   Now, we probably all choked on our coffee when Mr. Wayne asked Mrs. Pelosi to comment on her holiness-not even Saint Teresa of Calcutta would claim to be holy- but let’s back up. I try to seek the humanity in those who seem to hold inhumane positions on certain issues. Often I wonder who the real person is lying beneath the public persona, because we all put our pants on one leg at a time. Well, we all grew up with parents, and as I listened to her talk candidly about her parents, I thought, “You know, my children could say the same thing,” and for just a minute, I saw Nancy Pelosi as a faithful parent’s beloved daughter. And then when asked if she was holy, like a flash, her candidness disappears, the wall goes up, the persona returns. But I was happy for that glimpse. Hey Nancy—make your parents proud.



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