Sidney Woytasczyk was arrested yesterday in Texas

Written by on 08/17/2017

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, a 21 year old woman named Sidney Woytasczyk was arrested yesterday in Texas. Her crime? Abandoning her newborn in the grass outside her home because, according to her, she had no idea that she was pregnant and did not want the baby to cause issues with her boyfriend. Now, I’m looking at a picture of this woman from June, and she is thin. Very thin. And with a belly that shows obvious signs of pregnancy. There is just no way these people didn’t know what was going on. When neighbor Albert Peterson stumbled upon the baby girl at 5am, she was covered in ants and screaming. Woytasczyk could receive up to 20 years in prison. The baby is in the hospital being treated for rapid heartrate and infection. Texas has a safe haven law, which would have enabled Sidney to drop her baby at a hospital, fire station, or EMS station, without fear of prosecution. Texas was actually the first state to enact safe haven laws. Here I want to mention an effort by Monica Kelsey, who started the Safe Haven Baby Boxes organization. Kelsey herself was abandoned as an infant, and has developed the Safe Haven Baby Boxes so that other women can place their babies in a safe spot and know that someone will be attending to the baby in a very timely manner. The way the box works is that first, it is installed into a wall outside a fire station. A silent alarm sounds when the door is opened, and the baby is placed into the very well-ventilated box that has heating and cooling features. The silent alarm notifies emergency responders that a baby has been placed in the box and the infant is picked up within 3-5 minutes by first responders. Monica Kelsey says the boxes are very successful in third world countries precisely because they take the face-to-face interaction out of the surrendering process. This is a video from the Safe Haven Baby Boxes website about Safe Haven Laws and the boxes. Indiana is the only state in the United States using the Safe Haven Baby Boxes, but hopefully more states will begin to pick up on them. How sad that Sidney Woytasczyk chose to throw two lives away rather than save them. If she thought a baby might cause issues with her boyfriend, imagine what a 20 year prison sentence will do. Serves her right for leaving her daughter in the bushes to be eaten up by bugs, when she could have dropped her safely at a church, a fire station, or a hospital. I sincerely hope she meets Jesus behind bars, but behind bars is where she belongs for this supreme act of selfishness.

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