Written by on 12/04/2017

Winchester, VA – RT is reporting that the former president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has been assassinated by Houthi rebels. A picture of the ex-president, apparently dead,  with a wound to the head IS displayed online. Saleh had formed an alliance with the Houthi rebels, but that alliance broke down on last week when he realigned himself with Saudi Arabia and made a formal break with the Houthis on Saturday. A statement read on Houthi TV read, “”The ministry of interior statement announces that they have taken over all the positions and strongholds of the treacherous militia in the capital Sanaa and the surrounding areas, as well as other provinces in order to impose security. It also announces the killing of the treacherous leader Ali Abdullah Saleh and his supporters. This is after he and his men blockade the roads and killed civilians in a clear collaboration with the enemy countries of the coalition.” The Yemeni capital of Sanaa has been experiencing serious conflict in the last week, and the Saudi-led coalition (of which the United States is a member) has been executing strikes upon Houthi positions. The increase in fighting has, according to Norwegian Refugee Council adviser Suze van Meegen, speaking the Associated Press, “completely paralyzed humanitarian operations” in Sanaa. She also said, “No one is safe in Sanaa at the moment.” RT correspondent Mohammed Alattab has an analysis of the situation.

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