Therese Ramstedt’s Mission Abort

Written by on 08/18/2017

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings…You just heard the jovial voice Therese Ramstedt, a playwright whose play has been running at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Her play? Mission Abort. You heard me. Mission Abort. The play is, in her words, “an explosive tragi-comedy” about her experience in seeking an abortion last year, when her contraception failed. The purpose of her play, she says, is to humanize abortion, and to help the audience realize that behind the decision to have an abortion, there are actual human beings. Uh yes, there are actually. A mother, a father, and a baby, none of whose lives are more or less important than the others, and all of whom have God-given dignity and a right to live. And if you can find the humor in the tearing apart a human being limb by limb, well, do you also find it funny when innocent people are mowed over by vans? Because those people didn’t choose to die any more than your child did.

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