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Written by on 04/30/2019

We have the artisans in training to rebuild, nay RESTORE Notre Dame de Paris and Wade Racci is the guy to get us started!

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Special Guest Wade Razzi – CAO Chief Academic Officer

Professor at American College of Building Arts in Charleston SC

Rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral

  • 1989 Hurricane Hugo came through SC and made landfall at category 4.
  • 3,000 building were completely destroyed, historic buildings.
  • We have tons of houses that are registered in the state.
  • We were told we had to have 75% that graduated work in that field in order to be accredited. So I asked: Can Harvard do that?
  • 10 Year history of the college we’ve had about 100.
  • 100% of our last 3 graduating class have found employment.
  • We have students that have jobs waiting on them to graduate.
  • The demand for this type of skill level is big.
  • 3-D replicates – we do hand drawing and drafting in their first year then CAD in the following year.
  • When you do plaster restoration you have to make molds out of silicon. So we do use some techniques of today.
  • Some modern applications aren’t total shortcuts.
  • 180 tons of wood – how would they have made these beams back in the 1850’s
  • You had some saw mills at that time. They drug the trees, the straightest ones you could find.
  • When dealing w/ large wooden beams, the fire rating is the same as metal. They are as safe as using iron!
  • I like the idea of building w/ organic material for something like this.
  • France and Germany have a schooling system which is a 10 year programming for artisans. So they are actually equipped to handle the restoration of Notre Dame.
  • ABANA – Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America
  • Trade Secret – trades and skills they all had their own ‘mark’
  • So Makers Mark (bourbon) is the families mark.
  • Plaster – the ability to fix and maintain in historic homes is in dire need and there is basically no one that can do this. It is very difficult to do and we just don’t have anyone left to teach it.
  • When Emmanuel said Notre Dame was going to be rebuilt in 5 years…how long did you laugh when he said that?
  • This renovation is going to take DECADES to complete.
  • 5 years won’t even get to the restoration of the roof!
  • They have YEARS of looking for structure safety and water damage etc.
  • ACBA Website

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